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  1. All, We are putting up a oscommerce site to support some of our B2B customers, some of whom are located overseas. In an effort to minimize the amount of time needed to set up the site (since it will never be our primary source of income), I would like the ability to manually enter shipping costs for certain customers. I was quite pleased when I found the Manual Shipping Cost module (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5797) as this seems to offer all of the functionality I need. However, my installation is running oscommerce 2.3.3, and I was unable to find the lines of code in catalog/admin/orders.php which correspond to the ones you identified in the file install.txt. That which seems closest is the code at line 106, but even that is quite different. Is there some kind soul who could help me figure out how to install this module into my site. Thanks in advance! p.s. I am similarly challenged with Order Editor 5.0.9c...
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    Problem with V2.3.3 Thank you to all who have contributed to this module - it looks quite useful! My installation is a fairly vanilla V2.3.3. For the required mods to admin/orders.php, I was unable to find the appropriate lines in the original version. Can someone please help me figure out how to modify this file? Thank you!