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  1. Maestro2008


    By known ID I mean like 'product_info.php?products_id=2582', so ID = 2582. Where does this <h1>-tag in checkout_shipping.php come from? I presume it had to be already there therefor I only got to change the checkout_process.php file (tep_session_unregister('upsell');).
  2. Maestro2008


    Installed this, but it doesn't show a popup. I've replaced the ID by a known ID.
  3. I'm still looking for a solution to use MATC on iOSC with Oscommerce 2.3.3. Is this working? Or do I have to do something else? Anyone knows a solution. Other contr for 2.2 doesn't seem to work on my 2.3.3. I've installed the addon mentioned beneath on my 2.3.3.
  4. Supertracker gives me always the same IP (my own host IP address) by each visitor. Anyone who knows how to fix this? It wasn't before, it just appeared three days ago. Who's Online gives me the right IP's.
  5. Maestro2008

    Problem with new IOSC 5.3 on mobile_checkout_shipping

    This addon seems to be for version 2.2. Will it work also in 2.3.3?
  6. Maestro2008

    Problem with new IOSC 5.3 on mobile_checkout_shipping

    I've updated the file using the one which is in the .rar and now it seems to work well (but it is still necessary to delete the two lines 'Confirm Form Resubmission' to get no error (also using Opera)). When I use the instructions in the .txt file to edit the original file I get the error. Maybe there is some mistake in your instruction txt-file? Still, many thanx for the help so far!
  7. Maestro2008

    Problem with new IOSC 5.3 on mobile_checkout_shipping

    I've just uploaded the 5.3 file, I only got the problem on mobile_checkout_shipping, not on mobile_checkout_payment. Here's the direct url: http://webshop.nagel-styliste.be/mobile_index.php
  8. Maestro2008

    Problem with new IOSC 5.3 on mobile_checkout_shipping

    Error is gone, but now when I try to choose an option, I get this: Not Found The requested URL /_ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2 Server at *** Port 80
  9. On line 12 I get an error. For now I've replaced the file with the older version from 5.2 rev3 and this will do. Now I can proceed in checkout, all the other files are correct. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/***/domains/***/public_html/webshop/mobile_checkout_shipping.php:8) in /home/***/domains/***/public_html/webshop/mobile_checkout_shipping.php on line 12 Also some things I've noticed: TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL was not defined in languages/english/shopping_cart.php IMAGE_BUTTON_REMOVE also in languages/english.php Is there also a possibilty to add MATC (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8664) on IOSC?
  10. k, thanx, I will install it.
  11. Does anyone knows how this is possible? I have installed Discount Code 2.6 for OSC 2.3.3 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7700/v,23) When I put a code in, it doens't show the image 'approved' or 'cross/not approved', only the image 'processing' (see attached image). When you click on proceed (next step, confirmation), the code is accepted in the order total. Everything else is working.
  12. Yes, that's it! Many thanks!
  13. product_info.php mobile_product_info.php Thanx in advance!
  14. mobile image width and height are both set to '80' in admin/configuration/mobile site. What exactly do you mean with 'included this in html code for your image'? Is it possible to clear the specified size? I don't have the problem in the classic view using the popup gallery (2.3.3). Images on 'mobile_catalogue.php' have all the right size, only in 'mobile_product_info.php' they take the size the image has as stored in the 'images'folder. Does the mobile site have a different space to store images or is it the same as the one in the classic view?
  15. Can somebody help me please? I've installed IOSC 5 (newest version 8 dec 2012) on my OSC 2.3.3 Images at mobile_product_info.php are shown in their real size, meaning they are bigger than the width of an iPhone. Is there a way to make them automaticly resized to fit to the width of the screen (iPhone) when image width is too big. When I have 2 of more images on a product, they are shown under each other in IOSC, I don't have the possibility for popups as in classic view. Example can be found here: http://webshop.nagel-styliste.be/mobile_product_info.php?cPath=87&products_id=2233 and http://webshop.nagel-styliste.be/mobile_product_info.php?cPath=87&products_id=669