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  1. hornetnz

    CONTRIBUTION Product Tabs

    Has anyone noticed issues with IE8/IE9? None of the tabs are appearing for those versions and just getting all of the content in one long block. If anyone has a solution, I'd greatly appreciate! http://bit.ly/10RggQy
  2. hornetnz

    $0 international shipping

    Paypal is still going to try and validate their address, so I assumed adding the countries back in would be required...
  3. hornetnz

    $0 international shipping

    So if I re-setup all the countries and zones, can I just setup a simple table rate for all non-us zones?
  4. hornetnz

    $0 international shipping

    In the past, they've done a money request via paypal. Using a weight table for these products doesn't work since some are very light but large. Thanks for the sql.
  5. hornetnz

    $0 international shipping

    At the time we setup the site, the client wasn't sure how they wanted to handle non-us orders...so I deleted all countries from the db so only US people could create an account and order. I have table based rates setup for US customers. The client now wants to handle international orders by giving a $0 international shipping option with the note that shipping costs will be added once costs are determined. Whats the easiest way to set this up? Also wondering if someone can toss me the portion of db script that will reset my countries to default.
  6. hornetnz

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Can anyone post a link to theirs? I'd like to see how this looks before installing...
  7. Yeah all of the code edits look to be correct. Not sure whats causing the re-activation. Interesting note tho.. Set Enable SEO URLs? to false Refresh homepage, confirm URLS are normal Click SEO URLS in admin Options table is EMPTY?? Click SEO URLS in admin again Options table is there Enable SEO URLs? is set back to true Refresh homepage, URLS are back to SEO
  8. That did it! It's still auto-turning back on when I turn seo urls off, but at least its working when on. I'll double check the install, but I'm fairly sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks.
  9. Just installed the mod, getting 404. Confirmed with host (ipage) that mod rewrite is enabled. Also noticed that when I turn seo urls off in the admin, the next page load of the site reactivates it...? I've attached my htaccess. Site is at domain.com/store Of note: I'm running mini-template-system on the site, not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks! htaccess.txt
  10. hornetnz

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Great, thanks. I'll give it a shot!
  11. hornetnz

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Ok then...do the product specs only appear on the details page, or is there support for having select columns added to the category pages as well? I'm looking to be able to sort of filter by a product property/spec.
  12. My client would like additional sorting columns on certain category pages linked to product properties. The product property might be regular (weight, size), or a custom property made via one of the product property addons. Is there an addon that will easily let me select which columns are visible on each category page, or would that be someing I should be able to code in w/o too much difficulty? I have a basic idea how the programming logic would go, but don't want to reinvent the wheel.
  13. hornetnz

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Is there a demo site url where I can preview this mod? I scanned the thread, but didn't find anything.
  14. Forgive me if there is a better spot for this post, I did not see a support thread for Better Image Upload. I recently installed Better Image Upload and was wondering if anyone has come up with a solution how to make it work along-side the default JS easy image preview? It seems like it needs to be changed to not only change the filename and resize, but to make a 2nd thumb file. If anyone can assist here, I'd greatly appreciate!
  15. hornetnz

    Product Info Page Box

    I still haven't been able to get the reviews button to open the dialog window. <_< Spent 3+ hours on just that this weekend trying different things and every time I get 'd is undefined' in the jquery ui dialog function, before it submits the page which ends up adding it to the cart. I was able to find the reviews div in the source code and confirmed its rendering correctly with the products review content being pulled in, but for some reason the JS doesnt want to create the dialog window. I'm beyond frustrated with this 'simple' issue. Almost ready to create a new OSC install on my other domain and only install this module to see if theres any chance of intereferance from my other addons.