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  1. I'm new too! When you use table shipping, it shows you an example: You probably did this: Go to Shipping modules: click 'Install Module' - select 'Table Rate' You are considering price - so choose that 'Table Method' now - in the table field - you want to set up all ranges of prices 1. you set a range by using format -> [amount]:[shipping charge] 2. you separate each item in the table with a coma -> [amount]:[shipping charge],[amount]:[shipping charge],[amount]:[shipping charge] 3. Each price range ENDS a penny less than where the next one starts - never mind the actual range. 4. The last one covers some crazy upper limit so you end up with: 14.99:2.49,29.99:4.99,44.99:7.49,59.99:9.99,90000:12.49 Don't forget to click save!
  2. Noob Report: Ok Noob fans everywhere, you wanna add a new table rate? Listen up! 1. make a work directory so you don't mess up your own shipping directory, if you care that is; you don't need to if you're the only one on the server! mine is C:\temp\oscommerce\workdirectory\ 2. copy C:\Apache\Apache2.2\htdocs\catalog\includes\languages\english\table.php to C:\temp\oscommerce\workdirectory\languages 3. copy C:\Apache\Apache2.2\htdocs\catalog\includes\modules\shipping\table.php to C:\temp\oscommerce\workdirectory\modules 4. rename both workdirectory files to the name you want (I chose canadian_table - make up your own) a C:\temp\oscommerce\workdirectory\languages\canadian_table.php b C:\temp\oscommerce\workdirectory\modules\canadian_table.php 5. open the languages directory file from 4a and update all constants to a new standardized name that you will follow for your table version. (I chose MODULE_SHIPPING_CDNTABLE_ - choose your own) ie global replace of (not matching whole word, but matching case) : MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_ with MODULE_SHIPPING_CDNTABLE_ 6. save and close file 7. open the modules directory file from 4b and again do the same global replace done in 5 8. in this same file, update the class name from class table { to be class canadian_table { NOTE: it must be SAME name as your filename - go ahead try it without matching... 9. in the same file update the constructor from function table() { to be function canadian_table() { NOTE: again, it must be SAME name as your filename and class 10. In the same file, inside the constructor, set the code to also match: change $this->code = 'table'; to be $this->code = 'canadian_table'; NOTE: once more, it must be SAME name as your filename and class and constructor 11. Save file and close it 12. Copy each new file back to their respective source directories. 13. Enjoy
  3. ok - after looking at log file (- for other noobs - you'll find that in the directory for what ever is set for error_log when you look for that in the "Server Info" settings under the left hand site "Tools" menu - mine is C:\windows\temp\php-errors.log) I see that something was defined twice: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class table in C:\Apache\Apache2.2\htdocs\catalog\includes\modules\shipping\table.php on line 13 SInce my file was named canadian_table.php - it came first, alphabetically, and leaving the original module to flounder - actually most shipping options didn't show up after this error was produced. So I'll Google what variable that might be and perhaps help out some other noobs who can't do this. I'll post a complete report on how to add a new module that is helpful.
  4. No, that didn't help - those steps are pretty much what I figured out myself - thus the need for a post. Can you look at my code updates above and see if there's anything I missed? Should I just upload the complete files? How does osCommerce search for new modules in the Shipping folder? Is there something I need to set up/config/allow permission on/whatever to get it to look for new things?
  5. Anyone have any tips? All I want to do is add another shipping modules - I can't even add anyone else's - what are the steps?
  6. ok Win7 / Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.2.17 / MySQL 5.5 / latest version of osCommerce Everything is working nominally Hi - yes, I'm new at this - I want to make my own copy of table.php to show up for selection in the admin -> modules -> shipping -> click '+ Install Module' -> choose form list page. I've copied the table.php file to table2.php in: C:\Apache\Apache2.2\htdocs\catalog\includes\languages\english and C:\Apache\Apache2.2\htdocs\catalog\includes\modules\shipping I've updated both to have their own variables: language: define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_TITLE', 'Table Rate 2'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', 'Table Rate 2'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_WAY', 'Best Way'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_WEIGHT', 'Weight'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_AMOUNT', 'Amount'); and modules: $this->code = 'table2'; $this->title = MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_TITLE; $this->description = MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_DESCRIPTION; $this->sort_order = MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_SORT_ORDER; $this->icon = ''; $this->tax_class = MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TAX_CLASS; $this->enabled = ((MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_STATUS == 'True') ? true : false); if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ((int)MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_ZONE > 0) ) { $check_flag = false; blaw blaw blaw... $this->quotes = array('id' => $this->code, 'module' => MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_TITLE, 'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code, 'title' => MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE2_TEXT_WAY, 'cost' => $shipping + MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_HANDLING))); etc, etc.. But my copy doesn't show in the list as Table Rate 2 How do I get it to show??!?! Help!