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  1. This Parse error looks like it was caused by following the "Install.txt" file I believe. Man this stinks.
  2. Here is line 45 in the general.php file:
  3. That is line 24 through 28, of the xml_5.php that was also giving me a deprecated error on line 25: Can anybody help me with it?
  4. Well we originally installed osC 2.3, which we now realize was a huge mistake. I've got the site perfect, I've got all the products I want on it, the design is awesome and looks great, and I've got the correct information plugged in from FedEx, I even went into the code and swapped everything that it said to in the "INSTALL.txt" file and I still get this message on the Shipping Page on my Shopping Cart: It won't let me finishing checking out, either. Also, sort of unrelated to FedEx I also get this message as well on the same Shipping Page of my Shopping Cart: I even tried to read as much "HTML for Dummies" and "PHP 5 for Dummies" and it helped me understand a little bit more, but I'm still really lost. I'm about to give up and try to go to osC 2.2 and maybe I'll try my hand at Zen Cart, because GoDaddy will give me technical support for it. I've got to get my website online and working well ASAP. When I try to continue to check out I get these messages on a White Screen. Also, now that I went in and changed around all the code in the two separate categories.php files, I now get these messages in my Admin Panel, and this one wasn't even on there before I changed around code like the instructions said. When I try to click on my products and view them through the admin panel, I get this white screen which says this: Also, again, unrelated to FedEx, this comes up when I try to look at the shipping after hitting the Module link in the Admin Panel: I will admit that I do not have the correct plug in codes for UPS, yet, so that may be why I see this XML_5 on line 25 message, but I don't know. Can anybody help me? I literally have very little knowledge of what I'm doing, and we're about at our wit's end over here trying to get the shipping modules to work with osCommerce 2.3. What should I do? Just start all over from scratch and run osC 2.2, or should I just go try Zen Cart, because I have Phone Tech support with GoDaddy for Zen Cart? Thanks you for your help in advance. There is line 352, line 353, and line 354 of the deprecated file in question. Can anybody help me with that? Thank you.
  5. The Alpha new MVS that we used had quite a few bugs on it. I tried my best to work on it, and I will continue to tinker with it, until we perfect it, because we really need it. Right now, I just need to get a FedEx, UPS, and maybe even USPS shipping module just to work for right now, so the many people waiting, can go ahead and start to purchase my products from the website. I've now installed FedEx_1_4-webservices_v9_4_2, because I have the Web Services Key, Web Services Password, Account Number, and Meter Number for FedEx, so as soon as the Fed Ex Module runs well enough, I'll be taking the site live and people can begin to buy products. I'm still working on getting those from UPS and USPS as well. I still have to go into the "Install.txt" file and change all that coding around, because after the install, I still have some bugs and error type codes popping up on the website, but that should be an easy fix if I can follow directions well enough. You'll see me posting new questions over at the FedEx1..4 webservices v9.4.2 thread here shortly, if I have any trouble with fixing the code. Also, I noticed in the Install.txt file it says that there is no guarantee that those changes will work with osC2.3, so we'll have to hope and pray they do. I haven't given up on MVS yet, and I will continue to try my hardest to make it work. I'm also going to buying a PHP book for dummies, so that maybe I can help you with fixing all the bugs on the new Alpha MVS. I'd like to keep osC 2.3 if I can, and not have to drop down to using 2.2, if I can help it. Wish me luck, I know I'll need it. Thank you for all of your guidance and help, Jim.
  6. Jim, thank you so much. We have installed the new MVS for version osC 2.3x, and so far it has functioned perfectly on the install. Now all we have to do is to plug in the dimension size, weight, ect., and we should have a fully functioning MVS, I am about to go see if there is a "Usage.txt" file for me to read, so I'm sure I'll be back with lots of questions, and if there are any bugs or problems, I'll be sure to let you know and ask plenty of questions. I know we're adding FedEX, and probably later, USPS, UPS, and maybe another. Also, I will have some items "drop shipped" to customers, Distributor or Manufacturer ------> Customer. We'll never even see the product. So I'll have to use the Vendor location function for certain items that will be "drop shipped." Other items, we will act as the "middle-man." On some items, we will manufacture them, and ship them directly to customers. This program is amazing, I have to say. I'm in awe of this and many other programs created here on this website. Simple amazing. Exactly what we needed. I promise you I'm not dense, I'm just a complete newb when it comes to php , code, and website design, and I've learned more about code and computer programs in the past two or three days reading here than I have in my first 30 years. I'll probably be back very soon with questions. Again, thank you so much for all the really great help.
  7. Am I having all this trouble because I changed the ext/jquery/ui and template_top.php files first, while I was trying to change the theme and colors of my OSCommerce site? Do I have to delete all my catalogue work and the entire site, and start all over to be able to install MVSv1.2.3. I'm trying to use MVSv1.2.3 to do this install. Is it that I just used 2.3 OSC, instead of the 2.2 OSC? Is that possibly the problem?
  8. When I try to run mvs.sql on phpMyAdmin I get this message: I've restored the website 3 times already, and its still not working. Its needless to say I need a lot of help. I'm following the "ReadMe.txt" file as closely as I can. I don't know what else to do. I need this site up fairly soon. I'd hate to just scratch it and start all over after I've spent weeks trying to make it. I've come so far just to quit now.
  9. Thank you so much, Jim. That is indeed where I messed up, I don't know how I missed it. One question just to be sure, do I upload mvs.sql to my hosting site and then run it?
  10. I just installed the MVS 1.2.3 to my host site, and the website is still up and its all good, but when I tried to sign into my admin console to see what was different it would not let me access it and gave me the follow error message: I'm a complete NEWBIE at building website, OSCommerce, and messing with PHP CODE. Can any one please HELP me? I need to get my store up and running soon. Its all ready to go besides handling the shipping portion, I believe, so this is the last step. I also have some work to do with my CC/Debit Card processer as well, but after that, the site is ready to go live. So please HELP! I need a ton of it. LOL Good for me, though, I was smart enough to make multiple back ups, because I was afraid this would happen.