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  1. derekg22

    free shipping

    Found the solution: search for 'free shipping' in the contribs..
  2. derekg22

    free shipping

    well, i'm looking at the code right now, and it looks as if you could do something along these lines, but someone could maybe tell me if there is a better way to do this: in checkout_shipping.php: below // get all available shipping quotes $quotes = $shipping_modules->quote(); add some code like this: if ($order->info['total'] > 100) //if the order total is more than 100$ { add to the quotes array another option that is free shipping (i have yet to figure out how the $quotes array is structured, so if anyone knows, that would be great help, if not, i'll have to sort through some more code) }
  3. derekg22

    free shipping

    Is there any way to offer free shipping for orders over a total amount, but STILL allow people to select other methods of shipping? The setting in OSCommerce under order totals simply removes all other shipping options. I want to allow the user free ground shipping for orders over 100$, but still allow them to select the air and 2 day fedex options. Any suggestions in terms of mods, or what files i should mess with? thanks, -dg
  4. derekg22

    Curl Path leaves me confused

    In the admin section of osCommerce, go to Tools->Server Info. Under the php heading under section 'Configure Command' you should see something like the following: './configure' '--prefix=/usr/local' '--with-apxs=/usr/pkg/sbin/apxs' '--with-mysql=/usr/pkg' '--with-curl=/usr/local' '--enable-trackvars' '--with-dbx' if there is no --with-curl directive, then your host did not compile php with curl, and you will have to ask them to install it, since it is most likely not on the server. -dg
  5. All you have to do is remove any lines that have the following text on them: products_master products_master_status products_listing_status There are a few SQL queries where these are referenced, and you have to make sure you get rid of all of them. be sure to get the lines in the UPDATE statement that are like this: '$v_products_master', I did this and it worked for me. Let me know if you need more explanation. -dg