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  1. Need a complete Super download pach for osc 2.3.3 with tutorial.
  2. In this mod there is always something that does not work. Nobody helps us, even if you pay the service.
  3. @@AlexStudio The whole community is interested in this important application. You are the first author. Why have you abandoned it in the hands of unqualified speculators? All want you rewrite the code for the osc 2.3.3 release with the precision and professionalism that marks you. Please accept our request.
  4. When I enter a zero price I get the following answer: Order total is invalid. @@Steve, have you an e-commerce portal for the sale of e-books, software, mp3, DVD, ....? Can you show me how you have organized it ? Thanks
  5. Help for free support. In these days I patched last oscommerce release (2.3.3) with the Super Download Store script together any suggestions that different users have given in the various forum posts. I installed the entire package at the following url: http://superdownloadstore.comule.com It is need to do extensive testing that I am not able to do. I am willing to send a copy of the script via PM to those who require it to me. In addition, I will provide also the data access admin side. When the test is complete, the entire script will be made available to the community free of charge. Please contact me at the following e-mail: consrc et gmail dot com.
  6. I think it's necessary to compile a handbook on the use and functioning of the script. At this point I do not know how to test it. Someone, who already uses it in all its functions, can help me? Many thanks in advance.
  7. I have completed the installation of the Super Download Store. But I am not able to test it. Please help me. This is the configuration of the download section: Enable download true Download by redirect false Expiry delay (days) 7 Maximum number of downloads 5 Downloads Controller Update Status Value 12 Downloads Controller Download on hold message &--#60;BR&--#62;&--#60;font color="FF0000"&--#62;NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed&--#60;/font&--#62; Downloads Controller Order Status Value 10 Enable Group File Download? Yes HOW DO I OPERATE WHEN I HAVE A FILE SIZE 57 MB? 1) test.pdf is the file name (size 57 MB) 2) I zip the file and his name becomes "test.pdf.zip" 3) I upload by ftp the file in the download folder 4) I go to my store and create a product with Test name 5) I go in Catalog/Products Attributes and organize the following settings: - in Product Options I insert "Download" - in Option Values I insert "Zipped pdf file by link" - in Products Attributes I select "Test" (the file name), "Download" (the Option Name), "Zipped pdf by link" (the Option value) Please tell me if this procedure is correct and complete. What should I do to test if it works? Is absolutely necessary that I should do a real purchase?
  8. Chris please use BBEdit (for Mac) or Notepad + + (for Windows) to compile the manual_install.rtf file with the .txt exstension. Thanks
  9. The "Timestamp fix and new buttons style" contribution is not integrated in the manual_install.rtf. About: catalog/includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_download.gif delete that image file. The button_download.gif does not exist in the 2.3.3 release.
  10. Many thanks Lori. it need to add the same tag ?> at the line 846 also. You've indicated that the line number 963. I hope Chris completes its work.
  11. Dear Chris, unfortunately, for the community, you are very messy. Your work is very professional. But no one can use it. Please carefully check the file manual_install.rtf. Some of the changes included in the file of the Modified Files folder are not included into manual_install.rtf. I hope, with your new revision, to be able to install your contribution without tribulation. Many thanks. Eduardo
  12. Jetta please have you encountered the following problem? Problem after install. Admin breaks when selecting "Products Attributes". Error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/....../admin/products_attributes.php on line 854 How did you solve it?
  13. I have the same problem. How did you solve it?
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    I think that this contribution should be destroyed.