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  1. I have used this contribution, and it work wonderful - and as a side effect the thumbnails are also smaller in file size - giving a faster load of the pages - and less use of bandwidth.
  2. In osCommerce we have small images (Thumbnails) to be shown in product listings and on the front page. But the same small image is shown on the product page - where you can click to see a larger picture. I would like to have a larger picture to be shown on the product page. Is that possible? - and how? - Perhaps there allready is a contribution that does this? I should note, that I have already added the wonderful contribution "On The Fly Auto Thumbnailer", that makes the small pictures so very much nice to look at. And obviously I would hate if the the contribution that could fix my wish for different sizes would conflict with this.
  3. I am not sure that I understand exactly what the contrib. does. Does it make it possible to scan in products when they arrive on stock? This specific task is what I need most, because the deduction from stock is supported by OSC standard functionality. If this contrib does not offer this - do you then know of a contrib that does? / Erik Gravgaard
  4. When checking out reddeming a discount coupon the customer gets a wrong total. For example: Sub-Total: DKK.48,00 Land/zone (Fragt DK : 1 kg): DKK.45,00 Moms (VAT) 25%: DKK.9,60 Rabat-Kuponer:KIWI: DKK.65,00 Total: DKK.21,29 The total should be 28 and not 21,29??
  5. The error occurs if you have placed the code lines: // Begin newsdesk define('FILENAME_NEWSDESK', 'newsdesk.php'); define('FILENAME_NEWSDESK_CONFIGURATION', 'newsdesk_configuration.php'); define('FILENAME_NEWSDESK_REVIEWS', 'newsdesk_reviews.php'); define('EDITOR_IMAGE', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'modules/newsdesk/html_editor/editor_images'); // End newsdesk // Begin newsdesk define('TABLE_NEWSDESK', 'newsdesk'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_DESCRIPTION', 'newsdesk_description'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_TO_CATEGORIES', 'newsdesk_to_categories'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_CATEGORIES', 'newsdesk_categories'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION', 'newsdesk_categories_description'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_CONFIGURATION', 'newsdesk_configuration'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_CONFIGURATION_GROUP', 'newsdesk_configuration_group'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_REVIEWS', 'newsdesk_reviews'); define('TABLE_NEWSDESK_REVIEWS_DESCRIPTION', 'newsdesk_reviews_description'); // End newsdesk at the bottom of the file admin/application_top.php because it will be included in a if-statement. Move it up, and the problem disappears.
  6. I also got this exact same problem using MS2. The SQL-file problem is a separate problem with corrupt characters, but even if that is beeing corrected, I still get the aanoying error: 1146 - Table 'shop_tribsen.TABLE_NEWSDESK_CONFIGURATION_GROUP' doesn't exist select configuration_group_id as cgID, configuration_group_title as cgTitle from TABLE_NEWSDESK_CONFIGURATION_GROUP where visible = '1' order by sort_order [TEP STOP] When I click on the NewsDesk link in the admin menu. Anybody who knows what's wrong here?
  7. When trying to access the catagories.php it says: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /home/.sites/70/site4/web/catalog/admin/categories.php on line 740 And when trying to access products_attributes.php it only shows Product Options and Option Values but not the Products Attributes !!
  8. I have tried to install this contribution:,174/page,3 but it didn't work!! All I did was upload these two files to the admin folder: categories.php and products_attributes.php / Erik
  9. I am looking for a feature, that will allow the shop to deliver of part of an order - and still keep track of the order. For example: A customer orders 5 products. 3 of these products is on stock and can be delivered now. The remaining 2 products should de delivered when they are in stock again. But naturally it would be great if OSC could keep track of this. Anyone who knows of such a contribution? / Erik