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  1. Hello GoTTi, Did you solve the issue with the weird formatting? I am testing the Authorize.Net CC SIM module in osCom 2.3 and I am getting weird formatting in the receipt page in IE and Chrome. I can format the credit card info page, but I can't get the receipt page to look even semi-normal. Please advise... thanks Dave
  2. Hello, I am trying to solve a strange issue with Authorize.Net. When I run a test sale using Authorize.net SIM module on my test site I am getting a strange issue. I run a test sale, using the Authorize.net SIM payment module. I enter the data in the "Delivery / Payment / Confirmation" screens and then the Authorize.net secure payment screen come up. I enter in the information and then press the "Submit" button. The “Your Order Has Been Processed” page comes up - on FireFox and Opera the page looks good - you see our site's formatting and Authorize.net text about the order and a button to go back to the store (and leave the secure site). On IE (I am using version 9) and Google Chrome (version 12) the “Your Order Has Been Processed” page comes up but it looks like pure %$#@&!!. All the Authorize.net information is there, and so is all the information from my site, but the formatting from our website is not there. I would assume that the CSS / javascript files don't load, but.... the page looks good on FireFox and Opera... sigh. I am running eCommerce 2.3. I am using the Authorize.net SIM shipping module, not the AIM module. I have attached an example of the IE screen I have e-mailed Authorize.net but any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks David
  3. acedave

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    I have got the Discount Code module installed on my (thankfully test) web store. The module seems to be running - I set up a discount code and then I try it out... and the discount codes seem to work. That is it shows a line where the discount is applied, but the numbers don't add up. For example I ran a test item priced 34.99 and a 10% discount. I get the following results when I run a test purchase. Price: $34.99 Discount: -$3.50 Shipping: $15.00 FL TAX 7% $2.22 Total: $48.94 First off the total is wrong: 34.99 - 3.50 + 15:00 + 2.22 = 48.71 It does Not equal 48.94 The other issue is that I have no idea where the 2.22 comes from. 34.99 x 0.07 = 2.45 (total price x 7%) 31.49 x 0.07 = 2.20 (discounted price x 7%) 46.49 x 0.07 = 3.25 (discount price + shipping x 7%) I have no idea where this module get it totals from. I and running osCom 2.3 - the Discount Code is Dec 26, 2011 version with the March 12, 2012 update. Any suggestions?
  4. I think the MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module would work for you. see: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8136 It allows you to set up (as the name suggests) multiple zones and each zone can have multiple tables. After a few hiccups (mistakes on my part) I got is working. On my test site it has been very stable and it works well. I recommend it - I think it is the answer to your question.
  5. Hello, Maybe this is built-in or there is an easy fix (I hope so). In have received a request to have some items on the web store set up so they are not be able to be shipped, and the customer must come in to the store to purchase. I have to admit that I first thought why, but it seems that PetSmart has certain set up so they can only be bought in a store, but listed on the web store. See: http://www.petsmart.com/ and search on "can dog food" - all the canned dog foods have a listing on the website, but they can't be purchased on the website - the customer has to go to a store to purchase. Any ideas how to do this? Thanks
  6. I hate to say this, because it is going to hurt everybody - I am not sure how to get around this... I guess calling Canada Post and beg is the short term solution. The problem is that you (and the rest of us) need a long term solution - unless there is way to get Canada Post rates without an account number. I wish I had a solution, I am helping set up a friend's website and I can see this as a big issue.
  7. I don't know... in testing my number of services being offered to the customers seems reduced (no XpressPost option and I have not changed the settings), but It still works (am using Canada Post Sell Online 1.1 for osComm 2.3 - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7900/v,23) Is anybody seeing the same?
  8. Thanks for the help (and some help from US Postal Service) - got it up and happy. Thanks
  9. Dear Jenna and other users, I am (attempting) to install the USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2 - v.1.0 module (Feb 11 date) on osCommerce 2.3. I have made sure to uninstall the stock USPS default module in the admin panel. I believe I made sure to make the changes to the modified files correctly. My install is not clean - I have for shipping modules: MultiGeoZone MultiTable, Multiple Flat Rates, Canada Post Sell Online, and UPS XML. I also have some other modules: Monthly Sales Report and Theme Switcher. I am not getting error messages when I installed the modules or when I set the set the store's country and postal code to my customers's US store address (they also have stores in Canada, that is why the Canada Post module). Since this is not a clean install I have been keeping track of the files that have been edited by previous modules. admin/Modules.php had been changed by UPS XML. admin/includes/functions/general.php by Canada Post module. The issue is that I am not getting any results on the Shipping page. I get a message that Canada Post can't be used (since the address is in US) The Flat rate works The MultiGeoZone MultiTable works The UPS works. USPS does not even show up on the screen. No error messages, no can't ship by USPS, just plain nothing..... sigh Any suggestions? PS: about the USPS User ID - I went to the USPS website and set up an account - and I created a user name and password. From there I registered with the USPS USPS Web Tools Program and was sent a user name and password. Which do I use? The user name I created when I signed in with the USPS or the Web Tools user name they gave me?
  10. Hello, I have installed Canada Post Sell Online for osCommerce 2.3.1, it is seems to be working, that is in testing I would get Canada Post services and rates and prices and when I changed the address the prices and services changed. On the admin side of things - there is seems to be an issue. when I try to get a customer sales report I get the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting T_FUNCTION the file is admin/includes/classes/order.php on line 43. I have reviewed my files and they seem good, any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Hello, I am trying to get Discount Code to work on my site. I have been able to get the sales procedure to see the new files and it even can see and test to see if it is a good code (see image "discout_code01.jpg). Unfortunately, I get the following error message when the Continue button is pressed. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting T_FUNCTION in /hermes/waloraweb096/b499/as.cccm/store_02/includes/modules/order_total/ot_tax.php on line 65 I also get this message in the Admin panel when I try to edit this module (see "discout_code02.jpg). I can't get in to the module and change the sort order. Any suggestions?
  12. Hello All, my manager wants me to add a wish list function to our site. We are using 2.3 - the module MyWishList 1.03 was recommended to me, but it was designed for 2.2. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2581 (my manager doesn't like how GiftMe work, so it is not an option) I am reviewing the instructions for MyWishList and it asks for the "column_right.php" file in the "includes" folder. I am aware that the "column_right.php" was made redundant in the 2.3. I sort of understand that and it's functions are taken over by "/includes/modules/boxes/" and that I would have to make a new box module. Is this correct? If I create a box module, how will this affect how I edit the other files? Any help is most welcome Thanks
  13. Got it and it works. I was thinking that since I defined the country as Canada, then the zone setting of 1 would be AB (Alberta - alphabetically the first province), well it don't work that way.... but I did figure it out.
  14. I have tried using the Continental US SQL script provided with the MultiGeoZone MultiTable download and it works! Now I have to get the rest to work..... I decided to use the Continental US and Eurozone SQL scripts as a guide. for example in the US script: INSERT INTO `geo_zones` VALUES ('', 'Shp: United States: 48', 'United States: Continental 48 states', NULL, now()); INSERT INTO `zones_to_geo_zones` VALUES ('', 223, 1, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 223, 4, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 223, 5, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 223, 12, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ---- etc ------- ('', 223, 65, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()); I assume that 'Shp: United States: 48' - will make shipping zone name. 'United States: Continental 48 states' - will make the zone's description ('', 223, 1, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), - 223 = Country code for the United States and the 1 is the state code (in this case Alabama (AL). With these assumptions I made a script for Western Canada (AB, SK, MB, ON and YT) Here is the script: INSERT INTO `geo_zones` VALUES ('', 'Shp: Canada West : 5 ', 'Western Canada: AB SK MB ON YK', NULL, now()); INSERT INTO `zones_to_geo_zones` VALUES ('', 38, 1, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 38, 3, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 38, 9, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 38, 12, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), ('', 38, 13, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()); 38 = Canada 1 = AB, 3 = MB, 9 = ON, 12 = SK, 13 = YK I run this script and it did show in the "Tax Zones" menu. And it appeared in the MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping module. But when testing the module - when the test address was a US one it worked perfectly. When the test address was an Ontario (ON) one or Alberta (AB) nothing in the shipping module appears. Any ideas?