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  1. I guess no one else goes through their own checkout and thinks this odd then?
  2. With the OSC 2.3.4 Paypal Express Checkout module (the one included with OSC rather than the Paypal App) when the buyer goes through the regular checkout rather than using the express checkout, they select shipping. When they reach paypal, there is a delay whilst the site picks up the shipping and lets them change it. When the buyer uses a coupon code on my site, they are simply presented with a total at Paypal, the log in is faster as there is no need to wait for a page update. As the buyer has already selected shipping, I see no need for them to be offered the chance to select it a second time. Therefore I wonder how (1) the module sends just the value in the event of a coupon being used and (2) how I can make it do this for all orders, except of course when the user actually uses the Express checkout from the basket page?
  3. Bordersbloke

    PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution (Official)

    The product works *OK* but the following need addressing before it can go onto production sites: 1: Stock doesn't update correctly. 2: Best sellers list doesn't appear to update at all. 3: Dumb "Continue" button with no link needs removing from the iFrame page. 4: MOST IMPORTANT: No email is generated for either the buyer or store owner. Also the code needs tweaking to remove the vertical scroll bar from the iframe.