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  1. Hello Parikesit, Thank you for writting such a wonderful module. I really love it and got almost all of it to work for me. That is why I am writting, sorry it is not all about how thankful I am (there should be more posts like those). I was able to add three images for one product and the preview slider works great. I have only one module installed which is: Product Cycle Slideshow Box for 2.3.1 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6238 The instruccions are these: What happens to me is that it all works except somehow all the thumbnails seem to load on top of each other like the image I am attaching. When I hover of the one thumbnail below or above they seem to flicker between one and the next image - clicking on the bottom image does nothing. When I click on the top thumbnail it loads the preview and it works great going form one image to the next. I tried disabling the other module (which is the only module I have installed form a default installation) and removing the code from template_top.php but I still got the error. What would you suggest I try? Best regards...