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  1. Can anyone fill me in on how to find the delivery country for an order within the the shipping class (eg. shipping.php) I figure it's in one of the objects, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty new to classes/objects... If you want to know "why": I'm trying to make it use UPS shipping for some countries, and then only allow a Flat Rate for countries outside of said list. I figure this way is the easiest way, but if anyone has another suggestion, I'm open! Thanks in advance...
  2. arbeit

    Flat Rate or UPS based on country

    And for the second reply to my own post: Looks like I need to alter quote() in the shipping class... // get all available shipping quotes $quotes = $shipping_modules->quote(); Does anyone know where the shipping() function in the shipping class actually gets used? That might clue me in on something I haven't realized yet as well. Don't need a definitive answer, y'all. Just need some help with the class/object stuff going on in the checkout_shipping.php page. Thanks in advance...
  3. arbeit

    Flat Rate or UPS based on country

    Ok, so I made another discovery... I know the installed modules are contained within this: MODULE_SHIPPING_INSTALLED I figured, by using this information, some where in the the shipping function in the shipping.php class is where I need to alter the code, but I'm a bit hesitant to mess with it without some guidance from osC elders. I'm still coming up (???)... :huh:
  4. Ok. Tried to figure this out on my own, but it seems this is beyond my understanding... First the problem: To begin with, my client needs to be able to allow UPS shipping for the US, Canada and a handful of other countries. If a person from a country outside of this list orders from the site, then I need it to prevent the UPS module from loading (even in UPS does ship to that country) and only allow the Flat Rate module to appear. So far I've figured out how to use the order's delivery information to tell if the country is in my list, and I've created the if statement to check the country name/code. However, the problem I'm running into is where exactly to place this code to solve said problem. I saw this bit of code in checkout_shipping.php: // load all enabled shipping modules require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'shipping.php'); $shipping_modules = new shipping; That lead me to the shipping.php class. Though, I'm only 60% certain that the code I need to modify is in there. I know Zone based shipping would solve the problem, but I need the real-time rates from UPS if that module is allowed to be quoted. So, in effect, I need a combination of the Zone and UPS modules for the shipping options to display correctly. Whew - a lot, I know. But, anyone have any ideas or advice on the direction to head in. I'm really just having a problem deciphering where exactly all the module information gets routed before it's spit out on checkout_shipping.php.
  5. arbeit

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    With XP you should be able to Right click a single file or group of files, select "Send to...", and then select Compressed File. The "compressed file" is ZIP format... Apologies if that doesn't work properly, but that's how I've created ZIP files ever since I switched to XP. I don't have Winzip installed on my computer... Also, Radders, sent you a PM, but I'll post it here as well: Can you send me the order number modification to the contrib? Thanks in advance!
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    I'm currently trying to integrate Wolrdship with osCommerce, so I was just wondering if anything ever came of this module or contrib? It's been a while and no follow-up replies... :huh: I think I've got it 75% figure out, but just need a few more tips from someone who's done this before.