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  1. moyashi


    How about for ModX .... hmmm, I guess that would do would it?
  2. Ok, I hate to double post, but I just realized that what I wrote in the beta release news area should have gone here. :-" Anyway, these are some of the ideas and questions that I have had since I've been playing with the new beta. Congrats on the new Alpha! It definitely runs better than the previous cvs release that was taken down wayyyyy back in time. thumbsup.gif Well, all do we as a community just sit here and flood the team with just a few comments and congratulations or do we bother and chip in with our thoughts? I did see the bit on the over ride and attributes. Definitely something that is a plus!!! biggrin.gif I'm going to throw in some questions and constructive critisms. Questions: 1. Why xml for languages? I have hacked the cvs November 30, 2005 version and ran the results out to the cache. Reasoning was that then you could change wordings from the admin rather deal with ftp. errr, I'm a bit old school here so forgive my ignorance towards xml. 2. Why the sheer amount of wordings for each and every area? ie, "total" wouldn't it be better just to trim the amount of language down and recommend not coming up with new naming conventions like "ACCOUNT_TABLE_SUBCHART_RIGHT_TEXT_TOTAL". I had gone through the older cvs and got the core down to about 125 rows and figure that I'd end up at under 200 different "TEXT_SOMETHING" for translations. 3. Why name the language definitions based on the page or area? I'm just trying to cut down on bloat. 4. How about moving the filenames to the db? Then you could work with FILENAME_SOMETHING rather than with "require 'includes/application_top.php' " and could just run with "require FILENAME_APPLICATION_TOP". The benefit is that this would be cahced and could be easily updated from the admin allowing easy directory movement in future releases. 5. How about a cleaner directory structure? I figured that you could modularize everything into there own areas which does cause havoc to the current "slurp files in X directory" technique. But it does allow developers to work in their own sandbox area. I was thinking that maybe registering the modules in the db would be better than just slurping what's in X directory. 6. Turning the index.php page into a work horse engine versus just a one off show. This ties into the directory sturucture idea. You could call index.php?account&module=info instead of having to call each page separate; account.php?info 7. cutting the fat. I was thinking that osc should be a lot leener than it is now. Pass off some of the work to developers/contributors or even outside projects. Sure banners are nice but should they be part of the core API? Basically, what I'm thinking here is a super lean minimum machine that can juiced up to fit whatever needs the end user has rather than try to provide a bloated package like zencart. 8. look at some other non-relevant packages. I'm become a huge fan of ModX - cms/framework they've got some cool things going on. Like snippets and Template variables that run through a pretty dang good parser that let's you do bascially any type of template. In some ways osc could benefit from something like that! 9. open the API up to communicate with other outside packages. Like forums, cms frameworks, banner programs, stat programs, etc ... Sure you can work with contributions but imagine that you get other communities to help with the low level API communication work a lot of people would benefit. This would also open osc to WEB 2.0 (referring to web 2.0 as larger shared standard rather than ajax and moo!) 10. time lines. hmmmm, I can see why things get delayed. Hey, that's programming for you. I was thinking that maybe sometimes posting something like, "sorry folks, development is getting delayed by personal time issues "trips and parties" please bare with us." Or something like that. The team is human and so are we biggrin.gif hehe, it's pretty hard to code with a buzz .... errrr .... whistling.gif no, but in the morning I can never figure out what or why I did that tongue.gif 11. How about another layer between the developers and the forum users. Like a small team of: beta testers, code hackers, translators and foreign language moderators, contributors, people with no-technical skill but ideas and other abilities, etc. Basically, open up the inside to the team just one level. 12 .... anything else? @ hacking the core In many ways I agree. A lot of mods affect the way core files work. BUT that is because that is the way those core files are coded. tongue.gif ( Just being realistic -- not trying to offend but truthful). I mentioned nearly 3 years ago about hooks / events. Xaraya and Postnuke were the 2 systems that I do believe that I brought up. Now, today, in my post above. I mentioned ModX / Etomite (just 2 systems that I know who do this ... not sure if others do or not). But they allow you to write bits of HTML / PHP code that is saved into the db which is parsed on it's way out. This is really awesome sh*t (sorry for the enthusiasim) but anyway, this might be another way to prevent tapping into the core files for a lot of cases. event triggers + on the fly code parsing I'd gamble a bit here but would say that this would do for a lot. Then when situations do arise, either a .point release could be made and all benefit or the end user goes off on their own custom system. Just an idea blush.gif
  3. moyashi

    version 1.4 -- NewsDesk released!

    lo All, NewsDesk and FaqDesk were broken by MS2. The main developer of osc felt that it wasn't important enough to inform developers of contributions that several major changes to parts of the code happened. Due to this reason, Myself and I'm sure many others got frustrated and just basically took a major haitus in regards to development. Why debug code that could have been recorded or introduced a developers section on the site to prevent such problems. I have basically finished the conversions of FaqDesk and NewsDesk to work with MS2. The fixes were extrememly easy but the troubleshooting part was horribly tedious and time consuming. I will be releasing these as soon as I finish testing and payed work that I need to finish first. I'm hoping to have these out within the next 2 weeks. cheers. Moyashi -- Carsten
  4. moyashi

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    I'm sorry but the reason this mod doesn't work is because somebody who does the coding for osC decide to make changes and not care to tell developers like me. makes you feel real good to give back to community :oops:
  5. moyashi

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    Check out my Newsdesk thread. I've explained pretty much what i'm doing there.
  6. moyashi

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    You're missing those 2 boxes.
  7. Sure. After I finish the point updates I plan to do the full NEW version.
  8. Nope, same email. :D I'll take a look at my work again. It was just that I did this work for a paying customer and thought I would share the wealth. hmmm, I'll need a few days to work on it since I'll need to migrate several files again.
  9. The migration to MS2 should have been plain and simple but the dev team here had decided to make changes that aren't easy to spot. Besides changing some "tep_" functions they also made fundamental changes to some files that it took me over a day just to figure out. I have finished NewsDesk 1.45 and FaqDesk 1.25, they both work together and will work on MS2 ... however, I still need to package them and one other small problem. I designed them to work with BTS template system. Will the template system be a problem?
  10. @ dreamscape hmmm, ask Harald to fix that :? However, that is a good point and will try to take a look at this for 1.45. @ Emiliano You're my buddy :D
  11. I've always know that Emiliano! Thanks for the vote of confidence. :D
  12. Hi all, Sorry that I've been really busy as of late, so my plans for releasing a new version have been basically put on hold. I had planned to do a 1.5 version but I'm debating with myself if I should or not. Too many things broke when MS1 to MS2. This matter could have been prevented if the dev team / Harald had been more aware of his users and contributors. The original NewsDesk took me 2 weeks to code and I spent close to month on the upgrades. All I needed was a pm or email to say that we've decide to rename several major functions and have decided to change several aspects of the code like the splitpage function. I wonder if this is asking too much? I know that many of you like, love, hate this contribution which is why I'm debating on how and when I should go about doing this. Most of the fixes to make NewsDesk 1.4 to work with MS2 have been posted here in the forums. I do plan to release a point release to update to MS2 beyond that I'm not really sure. 1.5 that I was working on was a complete rewrite of the code which took advantage of all the newer coding that was introduce with MS2. Also, I had planned to introduce authors and cross referencing with products, and several new features/changes. However, since this was going to be a rewrite it would basically end the upgrade path and was going to use a new table structure. This I'm sure would disappoint many of the older users. Along with this, like I said I'm pretty busy and wrote in the readme, the notes, that I wished people would use the forums for help but I still got emails and pms. I don't mind help and contributing to the communtiy but when the ratio of thank yous to help mes are so low it really makes you wonder ... Well, let's see what happens with 1.45 .... :arrow:
  13. moyashi

    ebay upload script

    Ok, read through the ebay whopper of thread but I didn't see anything for ebay upload management. Anybody have a line on a php script that can do this?
  14. moyashi

    Support Tickets

    ugh ... now here we go ... we just don't have tep_blahblah disappearing we have classes that get you now too. My solution ... I copied my old version of "split_page_results.php" (I just grabbed whatever was laying about ... it was a loaded one just in case). and renamed it "split_page_results_old.php" of course I copied it to my classes folder. Then in helpdesk.php added "require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'split_page_results.php');" to the top of the file (could have slapped it in the application_top.php file but didn't want to add more weight to the cart than was needed. And guess what :P it worked ... dam who would have thought "$history_numrows" was the culprit. now ... I guess it's not a surprise that developers get discouraged. :?
  15. moyashi

    Support Tickets

    here's my error ... 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'select * from support_tickets where customers_id = '2' and ticket_status='1' at line 2 select count( select * from support_tickets where customers_id = '2' and ticket_status='1' order by ticket_date DESC ) as total looks like it's getting jammed up. I've never used this before but wanted to compare to Harald's helpdesk.