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  1. Hi all, I am in charge of managing the basic aspects of my company's OSComm site. I am familiar with only the normal admin portal; I do not do any OScomm development (or any developing, for that matter). Our sales department is dealing with the following situation: Local offices of one of our national clients want to be able to place orders themselves, with individual shipping to their locations; however, the company wants the bill to be paid at their headquarters level, not by each individual office. (The local offices do not have access to a main credit card number so everyone is on the same page, etc.) We would invoice them through our normal accounting channels at the end of the month, completely separate from OScomm. The items that they will be ordering are normal catalog items for us; nothing special. Is there any module we can use that will allow these specific customers to bypass the payment and shipping costs entirely? I hope that all made sense! Thanks!