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    Easier Attributes

    Not the product name... So after you select a product, you select the attribute. My attributes are downloads, and a filename must be typed for that downloadable attribute. Typing the filename usually results in user error every 1000 or so products. Is there a way to have some kind of file selector. So the filename is 100% correct each time?
  2. newburns

    Easier Attributes

    Is it possible to have a file selector in this attribute editor? I have downloadable content for each product, and typing the names takes a REALLY long time for each product.
  3. There was no contribution support page, so I decided to make one here. This is for contribution addon --> http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8330 Based on Cross-Sell (XSell) Module v2.6 by bluephoenix and updated by others. Updated by mort=lemur for use with OSC 2.3.1 All credit to the original authors. Cross sell enables selection of related products to display on the product info page via an admin screen, potentially boosting your sales. Screenshots included. @@Mort-lemur @@Snoopy10
  4. Is there any way to edit the order status of an order. Just having the two order statuses does not work for my installation. Please point me in the right direction. I need some orders to be pending, and some to be completed. Any ideas?
  5. Is it possible to utilize application_top.php or configure.php for db settings? I tried to change the variables and include("../includes/application_top.php"); but that failed miserably. I just hate to keep up the DB info in two separate sections.
  6. Oh DEAR GOD!!! Please rewrite the download.php I sell MP3's from my store along with the physical CD counterpart. It is a complete nightmare getting people to their download after purchase. Having them go to account history, order view, and the text-based download button is a killer. I have update the download button to be more of a button, but there has to be a better way. 1. I have had suggestions where the download was emailed to the customer after purchase. I am not particularly fond of that route. Some of my MP3 albums are over 100MB. 2. I have had suggestions for the download link immediately after purchase, as long as the payment type places the order in the proper status. I think this would be the best fix. 3. I've had issues where they've had trouble locating their download after purchase on a different device. I think that can be solved with a module showing your available downloads in a sidebar. 4. The final issue I've run into is Guest purchases. I'm not sure if that can be tackled as guests have no way to get back to their downloads once the session is gone.
  7. Wonder if this will work with Discount Coupons? Hmmmm....
  8. AWESOME! Next addon that goes on my repo of Addons
  9. newburns

    Product listing

    Any possibility to get this working in the admin side? Using the same catalog thumbs folder if possible? So all thumbs are kind of shared...
  10. Thanks @@marcello It was a little more than that, but I got it figured out. There were three lines that needed that check
  11. The issue is upon first deployment, when you download my repo, the orders page is broken without real cause as to why. Is there a way to have it installed by default, but set to false?
  12. I have found the issue, but I don't really know how to fix it. Basically, the content module alters the DATABASE upon installation of Account without Login However, the orders.php requires o.customers_guest which is only available when Account without Login is installed. Which poses a problem when it is not installed. The DB table can't be found. Install the module, and BOOM, everything is working. Uninstall the module (which removes the DB tables) and BOOM, orders.php doesn't work anymore. Any ideas how to alter orders.php to only query whenever the module is installed? https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS/blob/c59d2383a8ddbdb1190c23ceb18ac636580f77a9/admin/orders.php#L378-L388
  13. newburns

    How do I use new functions in admin

    I've added the function to my admin/includes/functions/general.php // Return a formatted address // TABLES: customers, address_book function tep_address_label($customers_id, $address_id = 1, $html = false, $boln = '', $eoln = "\n") { if (is_array($address_id) && !empty($address_id)) { return tep_address_format($address_id['address_format_id'], $address_id, $html, $boln, $eoln); } $address_query = tep_db_query("select entry_firstname as firstname, entry_lastname as lastname, entry_company as company, entry_street_address as street_address, entry_suburb as suburb, entry_city as city, entry_postcode as postcode, entry_state as state, entry_zone_id as zone_id, entry_country_id as country_id from " . TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK . " where customers_id = '" . (int)$customers_id . "' and address_book_id = '" . (int)$address_id . "'"); $address = tep_db_fetch_array($address_query); $format_id = tep_get_address_format_id($address['country_id']); return tep_address_format($format_id, $address, $html, $boln, $eoln); } I've called it like such $delivery_address = tep_address_label($customer_id, $sendto, 0, '', '<br />'); The problem is now the $customer_id The address is blank or NULL. How do I set the $customer_id from the orders page? The $customer_id is in the "orders" table, but I don't know how to set it. Or should I just leave it the way that I showed before? I don't know what is best practice. It's possible to have different shipping address on each order, that is not in the address book.
  14. tep_address_label is available in the /catalog/includes/functions/general.php How do I make that function available to the admin section? I am working on an add-on "Mail Manager", and I'm trying to get the tep_address_label function available to the "Order Editor" add-on. This is sort of combining two add-ons. What I have so far... $billing_address = "\n" . $order->billing['name'] . "<br />"; if ($order->billing['company']) { $billing_address .= $order->billing['company'] . "<br />"; } $billing_address .= $order->billing['street_address'] . "<br />"; if ($order->billing['suburb']) { $billing_address .= $order->billing['suburb'] . ", "; } if ($order->billing['state']) { $billing_address .= $order->billing['state'] . " "; } $billing_address .= $order->billing['postcode'] . "<br />" . $order->billing['country'] . "<br>"; $delivery_address = "\n" . $order->delivery['name'] . "<br />"; if ($order->delivery['company']) { $delivery_address .= $order->delivery['company'] . "<br />"; } $billing_address .= $order->delivery['street_address'] . "<br />"; if ($order->delivery['suburb']) { $delivery_address .= $order->delivery['suburb'] . ", "; } if ($order->delivery['state']) { $delivery_address .= $order->delivery['state'] . " "; } $delivery_address .= $order->delivery['postcode'] . "<br />" . $order->delivery['country'] . "<br>"; $order_comments = $order->info['comments']; $paymentmethod = $order->info['payment_method']; $ccardtype = $order->info['cc_type']; $payment_class = $payment_class->email_footer; I want to replace this with $delivery_address = tep_address_label($customer_id, $sendto, 0, '', '<br />'); $billing_address = tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, 0, '', '<br />'); $order_comments = $order->info['comments']; $paymentmethod = $order->info['payment_method']; $ccardtype = $order->info['cc_type']; $payment_class = $payment_class->email_footer; I am sure that the order_editor needs to be updated as well for this, but I am new to coding and I'm just trying to wrap my head around how all of this works. This is the email function that calls the Mail Manager module. I tried to retain the standaard text email as much as I could. https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS/blob/1c91c12c009835c652d2529266a13689c5202941/admin/edit_orders_ajax.php#L934-L1016
  15. Is it possible to have the PWA check for whether it is installed before query database table for customers_guest ? Here is the issue: Unless the module is installed and the DB inserts are ran on the installation, the Orders page is broken looking for the customers_guest entry The module adds and removes the entry based on the installation. Therefore, the installation should run a check for whether it's installed before running the query. Or the db entries need to be installed initially. Download my repo and you will see what I mean. Without installing the "Login without an Account" module, the orders page is broken. https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS
  16. newburns

    Product listing

    I see Gergely code for reset button is in the installation of R20, but I don't see where I missed the SQL script to run. Is that supposed to be apart of the db_install.php INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('Reset thumbs', 'RESET_IMAGE_THUMBS', 'false', 'Reset thumbs cache', 4, 9, '2013-02-20 19:36:26', '2013-01-29 17:11:10', 'tep_cfg_reset_thumbs_cache', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''reset'', ''false''),');
  17. Does anyone know of a way to send the download through email?
  18. @@14steve14 If someone purchase's a downloadable virtual file, they will not have the login needed to receive the file. Currently, not that I know of, there is no way to email the file to be downloaded. And everyone that purchases digital material can only retrieve the download by logging into their account history.
  19. @@jcall Do you have a github version of this addon? I'm looking to change some things, such as, how the database credentials are pulled. I want everything to parse from configuration.php I also like the Bootstrap version, but it doesn't seem to be moving much. Before I started from scratch, was wondering if you had something already going
  20. newburns

    State Selector for BS

    @@raiwa, I am going to attempt to install this into my Repo... will the state selector appear for Purchase Without Account (PWA), or does the code specifically select create_account.php? https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS
  21. Just installed this into my Repo https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS Wondering what will happen for those with Digital Downloads? I agree with same issues as @rudolfl Now I'm just waiting to see what will happen when you purchase something that requires an account, such as an MP3 download. Especially if the download is an attribute, ie. MP3, CD, DVD MP3 should not allow checkout as guest
  22. newburns

    Mail Manager for OSC v2.3

    @@dculley From what I uderstand, I should have all of the incorporated changes in my repo https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS Take a look at all of the issues posted before you go with this. There are some things yet to be fixed that are not related to this addon. Still working on incorporating Mail Manager into the complete OSC and all it's components for emailing
  23. newburns

    Product listing

    @@Rainer Just updated my github collab with your changes. Do you mind checking it out before I push the changes to the master? https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS/tree/KISSit-R11
  24. newburns

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    @@iTea Have you tried https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS I think I did that...
  25. newburns

    Product listing

    I have it working for the most part https://github.com/newburns/osCommerce-234-bootstrap-wADDONS I still have to pull the latest Master, but it seems to be fairly stable. Post an issue if you have problems