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  1. kevinhuynh

    Any one who used Virtual Pin 2.3.1

    1st, I bought directly from the store. I can sure 100% percent about that. Last time, I have problem with paypal, I lent my friend to paid this product. 2nd, I aske for people who installed and work well with it. If I needed, It can be better to contact directly from the author. Thanks for everything!
  2. kevinhuynh

    Any one who used Virtual Pin 2.3.1

    hi I just remember I bought directly from your store. That's all! Anyway, I have thi script now. And I tried to install but I found a problem is in #1 posted tox fix my issue.
  3. kevinhuynh

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    How can I modify the rewrite url like this www.mysite.com/rebok/trainers/my-great-product-p-32.html >>> www.mysite.com/rebok/trainers/p-32-my-great-product.html Thanks!
  4. kevinhuynh

    Any one who used Virtual Pin 2.3.1

    Sure! It 's not for trying to test. I really want to use this add on. I purchared this addon maybe 2 or three months ago. This code it still with me rightnow.
  5. Nice feature Is it ok for version 2.3.1? Thanks!!!
  6. I try to use this add ons but some problem found. For example, I add 4 codes to 1 product (xbox card). The first time, I buy 2cards. The card will be show is the 1st, and the 2nd. Then, I try to buy the second times 3 cards. It showns the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd. => The cards arer not remove from the database. I dont know how to fix it. The other, I offer the ownner encrypted the cards from admin module. 128Kb encryption of pin numbers (pins are encrypted while there are being stored in the database). It will be better.
  7. kevinhuynh

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    I just installed thi code for my web. It's quite good. But I look for Header SEO Tags. The code does not included the Header CEO Tags. I try to use UNIQUE META, but it only show description and keywords the same as every pages. I don't know which code the keywords and description can be change every catergory and every producr. Which Header SEO Tags can be run with this code? Give me advice. Thanks