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  1. SOSFashion247

    help installing template

    I got it! I thought the Catalog folder meant something else, and I just uploaded it to the MY catalog folder! LOL1 What a dummy! thanks Chris!
  2. SOSFashion247

    help installing template

    I think I know what I did, I just uploaded the Catalog folder, I didnt move any folders to their specific locations, is that what I'm missing?
  3. SOSFashion247

    help installing template

    Hi Chris, Yea, I just dropped them in: /www/ and I refreshed and nothing happened then I added this folder in: /public_html/ and refreshed and still nothing. Is there any other location that I have to add these folders to?
  4. SOSFashion247

    help installing template

    Hello, I want to install this template: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8476 I followed the steps but its simply not changing over, I think I'm not placing the folders that comes in the package in the correct spot. What should I do exactly, and I think the explantions he's giving is not entirely complete. Thanks for any help! Steve