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  1. andrea.freddi

    Header Tags SEO

    hmmm, strange, now it's working, but i didn't touch anything, and i'm sure i've putted my pages to server before reporting to this forum. anyway, many thx for help and this great contrib regards andrea
  2. andrea.freddi

    Header Tags SEO

    @@14steve14 yes, i added the code in includes/database_tables.php and also in admin/includes/database_table.php also i controlled if the tables exist in my database with phpmyadmin and the tables were created
  3. andrea.freddi

    Header Tags SEO

    hi jack i've installed version 3.2.8 and get the following error (from admin-header tags seo-test): 1146 - Table 'XXXXXX.TABLE_HEADERTAGS' doesn't exist select page_name from TABLE_HEADERTAGS where page_name like 'index.php' and language_id = '1' LIMIT 1 i had a look in includes/database_tables.php and the modifications are made, in phpmyadmin and the tables are also created. can you please tell me what to do to get this great contrib working? thx in advance andrea
  4. andrea.freddi

    [Contribution] Database Manager

    osc 2.3.1 / database backup manager sorry
  5. andrea.freddi

    [Contribution] Database Manager

    hello i've installed this great contribution and everything seems to working fine, but when i try to send the backup file via email, i'm getting this message: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. what am i doing wrong, can you help me to get it running? andrea