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  1. Hi; Friends, I downloaded Download Discount Code update 3.2 for osCommerce 2.3.1 and installed it. After the installation, the discount coupon value was not applied to the final total in paypal express checkout, After following the paypal support Download PayPal Support for Discount Code module to modify the files, then it complained about missing file ot_discount.php, however, in the downloaded package there is no such file, I have to go to Download Discount Code update 3.1 for osCommerce 2.3.1 to get the file. The discount coupon is applied to to final total, but the tax calculation is different with other methods. In other methods, the tax calculation includes the shipping fee, in paypal, the tax calculation does not include the shipping fee, i.e, in paypal, the shipping fee is not taxable. Which one is right? How to fix the problem? Another problem is that in the paypal checkout, it only gives the final number, not the itemized charges (such as subtotal, discount, shipping, tax and total), the descrption of the purchased items is not shown also. I struggled 1.5 days to get this point, do not know what is next. I really appreciate your help. Peter