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    CrazyCarzCustoms reacted to offie in Actual Attribute Price V1.0   
    I have solved this after many hours of checking.
    The problem is in the install instructions in version 1.8. If you follow the step by step install it states in catalog/includes/functions/general.php to add before the final: ?>:

    // Actual Attribute Price function tep_adjust_price($attribute, $price) { $adjustment = ($attribute-$price); if($attribute==0) { return $adjustment; } else { return $attribute; } } // Actual Attribute Price End
    However, when I checked the files that came with the contribution which can be used for a fresh install I noticed that the general.php file had different code to add which was:

    // Actual Attribute Price function tep_adjust_price($attribute, $price) { global $currencies; $adjustment = ($attribute-$price); return $adjustment; } // Actual Attribute Price
    After I added this code instead of the step by step install instructions the contribution works as it should.
    I hope this helps anyone else who follows the step by step instructions.
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    CrazyCarzCustoms reacted to Blaise in [Contribution] Option Types v2   
    Hi there, firstly thanks for such a great contribution (after managing to get it to finally work). I thought I'd share a little script I added to catalog/includes/modules/option_types.php for the radio button attributes. I wanted to have the first radio button of a group checked by default when the product was first opened (well, as a radio group, one item should be selected at all times). It checked if anything is checked first as a customer might click on the product from the shopping chart.
    Add this just before end of the OPTION_TYPE_RADIO switch statement.

    // jscript to "check" the first radio button if nothing is checked - Chris 13/07/2012 $tmp_html .= '<script>' . ' $(function() {' . ' if ($(\'input:radio[name=id[' . $ProdOpt_ID . ']]:checked\').val() == undefined) {' . ' $(\'input:radio[name=id[' . $ProdOpt_ID . ']]:nth(0)\').prop(\'checked\',true);' . ' }' . ' });' . '</script>';
    Hope this is of use to others.
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    CrazyCarzCustoms reacted to Finwood in [Contribution] Option Types v2   
    Remove from cart, and update buttons missing from the shopping cart screen.
    Any ideas?
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    CrazyCarzCustoms reacted to altoid in Simple Checkout - for 2.3.1 (official support thread)   
    Sure Timmy, I'll chime in on this.
    Last year Jetta saved me and probably a lot of others some serious aggravation by helping get a USPS shipping module working again after the USPS made some changes on their end that basically screwed up the functionality of the existing module. For that I owe her a debt of gratitude, and have come to respect her coding skills.
    While I see that some others are having problems here and there with a couple of releases she did of late, one with another version of the USPS module and of course the simple checkout module, both have been working for me. The IE issue is something I am aware of through your posts, so I am watching for that, and if necessary may disable simple checkout if I feel the problem is significant on my site. Yet I have to note that to disable the module, I just have to do that in configuration. No major code uninstall and other such torture. How handy, disable by just a setting change.
    Regarding what's put out here for anyone to use (for free), here's where I've come over the past years since I started with OSC.
    This forum has many very skilled and expert code writers, yet probably all of them, one time or another made errors in code or advice. Not through negligence or such, but simply because of they way coding works, with its intricacies, dependencies, particularities and so on. I've learned enough over the past few years to come to greatly respect and admire the original and current OSC developers for their extensive skills.
    My only claim to coding skill, is at one time I was a MS Access developer, using VBA to tweak and nudge Access to do all kinds of neat stuff. It was then I learned about how particular and demanding exact coding can be. So when you think of the OSC spiderweb, calling this, querying that, it's simply amazing that this product is here (for free) to use.
    Here on the forums I've learned that new releases (and old ones)likely will have bugs here and there. So depending on who is releasing the add on, I will sometimes take the plunge and do the install, knowing full well something may come up that we don't want. So i watch the site, see what's going on with overall functionality, and if anything flags out first try to figure it out myself, but usually posting for help on the support thread.
    As far as support, I don't know what to say about expectations. I am sure these folks have businesses to run, lives to live, so how much can we expect of them to help us out (for free) with our own particular issues. Yet they do. Maybe its not an immediate response, or perhaps they don't know the immediate solution and need time to do research on the bug/glitch or whatever. Or maybe they'll ask us to try this or that to help them narrow down the source.
    I try to be careful on asking for too much help especially right off. I try to figure things out myself. I don't want to burn these folks out. And I've seen a few get burned out, but mostly coming back after maybe a breather.
    Anyway, all said, I am optimisitic for simple checkout, and the eventually Jetta will help us work out bugs, glitches and so on. And all for free.
    Keep on keepin' on.....
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    CrazyCarzCustoms reacted to kymation in [Addon} Modular Front Page   
    All of the modules in this package can also be used in the page header or footer using the Header Footer Content Modules Addon. You will need to move the module and language files to the appropriate directory, then change one line in the module code file from

    var $group = 'front_page';

    var $group = 'header_footer_contents';
    I have used the Categories Images module (with the images turned off) in the Footer as an alternate site navigations system. Works just fine. So if you want a banner rotator in your page header, now that's easy to do.