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  1. Mac Fly

    Sage Pay Direct & 3D Secure issue

    Thanks for the reply Heather. Like I said we did have everything sorted and it worked perfect with 3D secure turned on back in September 2019. Might just be a configuration issue or something small causing the problem.
  2. Tomorrow SCA is becoming mandatory for payments made online on EU websites. I’ve just turned it on in my Sagepay account to test it and it’s coming up with a problem. Below is what is appearing after I hit confirm purchase on checkout_confirmation.php As you can see the login page of the website is appearing inside another frame. What should be appearing is the details on confirming the card with whatever method 3D secure uses. Anybody else having this issue. I had all this set up and tested when they were supposed to bring it in in Septemebr 2019. My own fault for not testing it earlier in the month Oscommerce Version 2.3.4 Sagepay direct V 3.0
  3. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    Just ran a test to see if i could replicate the problem. Using the back button after payment was paid on Papal i was able to get back to checkout_payment page but the IPN got back before me so order didn't erase. There is no message on paypal page to say do not use back button.
  4. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    I'd rather not do this. I'd end up manually checking all orders that are Preparing status to see if Payment was received in our Paypal account. Too much work for 1 / 1000 chance of the issue happening. I meant for Paypal to have this on their page after payment is made, the one with the countdown timer to return to site. This is pretty much a standard notice on a lot of Payment providers payment complete pages. It could even be already there. I'll check later. If not I'll send them an email though wouldn't have high hopes for a response. Don't think it's new issue. The previous thread above is from 2017. Thank you all for your replies and time.
  5. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    Looking at the logs this is exactly what happened. They have somehow got back to checkout_payment page after they completed payment on Paypal and got back to this page before the IPN causing the order to delete. Most likely they used the back button. Next question is how can we stop this from happening? A message on the paypal page after payment is made to say ' DO NOT USE BACK BUTTON' would probably do the trick
  6. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    Thank you both for the replies. It could very well be caused by the actions of the customer. I'll take a look at the access logs
  7. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    The IPN signal came back 21 seconds after payment was received in the Paypal backend and there was no other order within 5 minutes either side so no conflicts there.
  8. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    It all works as normal 99.99% of the time. We have about 60 - 70 orders per day with about 50% coming from Paypal. Yes we receive the notify_sync events in the logs. Sometimes this comes back before the IPN and visa versa and all works as it should. In the most recent case we only received the IPN in the logs but no record of the order on the orders page. There must be some sort of glitch in the database to cause the order to erase itself rather than update. Very hard to debug. Seems it has happened to others in the past with the same version of oscommerce and paypal app. ( thread is archived, hence this new one )
  9. Mac Fly

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    Thanks for reply @BrockleyJohn, I do. That solved that particular issue at the time.
  10. We are having some issues with Papal and orders not recording in the backend. Received a Paypal email saying payment received. On checking the orders page there is no sign of the order. I can see the IPN in the paypal log with all the usual details but no record of the order in the database. The order numbers have continued on past the number that has disappeared but this is really unusual given that the payment was processed correctly. Normally if the customer goes to paypal and the shop does not receive payment confirmation the order will sit at "preparing paypal standard" but in this case the order has disappeared altogether following a sucessful payment. Anyone else having this issue and if so have you found out what's causing it? We've had it happen twice in the last two weeks. Prior to this is was a months ago so very intermittent. Paypal app version v5.018 Running 2.3.4 bootstrap with latest paypal module installed.
  11. Mac Fly

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    It worked!! Thank you John & Martin
  12. Mac Fly

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Here is how you can submit the the support request Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. My name is Gareth and I am happy to assist you. If you require further assistance in relation to your IPN issue, please follow the steps below. 1. Go to www.paypal-support.com 2. Click 'Contact Us' button 3. Log in to your account using button at the top of the page. 4. Submit all information (please be as detailed as possible) It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal. Yours sincerely, Gareth PayPal
  13. Mac Fly

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    This is the very same as mine no responses either
  14. This has also started happening to me since Saturday night. Tested it myself and got the same result with the error message but received payment to our merchant Paypal account. I've Raised a ticket with Paypal support but haven't heard anything back yet
  15. Mac Fly

    discount for manufacturers?

    I would if i knew how This is the mentality i'm up against Developer - "I never install these add ons - they never work, even on a fresh, out of the box osCommerce. They a some enthusiasts' programmers creations who keep themselves busy. There is no support, and if you read the files, it's always emphasized: "Use at your own risk" in red, "BACK UP YOUR DATABASE FIRST!!". "