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  1. Very nice! I like it. On another note would it be possible to give the customer an option to change how my products are dispayed on say 'manufacuturer pages' . from 12/18/24 or even have a 'view all' button? I know this can be done in the back end by shop owner but better to give the customers that option so they dont have to go through loads of pages to view your products. Or something like this site would be awsome. More products load as you scroll down http://purpletag.ie/collections/boys . looks really nice on xs view ports
  2. Also using firefox and can't replicate the problem with the 'edit' buttons. They look fine
  3. Mac Fly

    discount for manufacturers?

    I would if i knew how This is the mentality i'm up against Developer - "I never install these add ons - they never work, even on a fresh, out of the box osCommerce. They a some enthusiasts' programmers creations who keep themselves busy. There is no support, and if you read the files, it's always emphasized: "Use at your own risk" in red, "BACK UP YOUR DATABASE FIRST!!". "
  4. Mac Fly

    discount for manufacturers?

    I did.His suggestion was to put a banner on home page to say e.g. 25% off and dont bother reducing each product but we have different discounts for different products and some are not in sale. I certainly wont be paying for his services again. He is already paid up for installing and setting up the site + 1 year maintenance so dont really want to pay someone else to do the job he should be doing. This is the template that is currenlty being used with a few changes. http://www.templatemonster.com/oscommerce-templates/34296.html Can you see why this add-on would not work with it?
  5. Mac Fly

    discount for manufacturers?

    I need a second opinion on this add-on. My developer said this would 100% take down my site if he installed it and wont even try. Would really like to have it installed to make it easier managing procucts in specials as I have hundreds to do all at the same time. Basically the changes developer made to template was removing all 'buy' functions as I use it as online catalogue only.