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  1. highgrade00

    EasyPopulate 2.4, now with Froogle support!

    I am using the enhanced vendors contribution along with this, and I have been stuck on trying to get the tab delimited file that EP generates to contain the correct information from the vendors tables. I would like the last field in my EP txt file to have the corresponding vendor number (Ex 1, 2, or 3.) Currently this is where I am but I receiving a SQL syntax error after the WHERE clause... $filelayout_sql = "SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.products_image as v_products_image, p.products_bimage as v_products_bimage, p.products_price as v_products_price, p.products_weight as v_products_weight, p.products_tax_class_id as v_tax_class_id, p.products_quantity as v_products_quantity, p.manufacturers_id as v_manufacturers_id, subc.categories_id as v_categories_id, p.products_status as v_status, p.products_cost as v_products_cost, ven.vendors_id as v_vendors_id FROM ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." as p, ".TABLE_CATEGORIES." as subc, WHERE p.products_id = ptoc.products_id AND ptoc.categories_id = subc.categories_id LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_VENDORS." as ptov AND ".TABLE_VENDORS." as ven ON p.products_id = ptov.products_id AND ptov.vendors_id = ven.vendors_id ";
  2. highgrade00

    EasyPopulate 2.4, now with Froogle support!

    How does easy populate correctly handle products that were linked or even copied. In my case I have about 229 products, but when I look through the list from that of EP's I have about 290. It has created a double instance of every product that is linked. When I upload the file back to the database, is it going to try to create a new product (even though its only 1 product with several different linkings)???
  3. highgrade00

    EasyPopulate 2.4, now with Froogle support!

    When I try to upload the new .txt file with product info I get the error: DCSAHS6606 | sm_dcs_421 | dcs_421_st | DC Sports | The DC Spo | | 379.99 | 8 | | | 0 | DC Sports | Search By | Acura | Integra | 94-01 | Taxable Go | Active | 341.25 !New Product! 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near ''DCSAHS6606', '379.99', '341.25', '1', CURRENT_T' at line 17 INSERT INTO products ( products_image, products_bimage, products_model, products_price, products_cost, products_status, products_last_modified, products_date_added, products_date_available, products_tax_class_id, products_weight, products_quantity, manufacturers_id) VALUES ( 'sm_dcs_421_stainless_header.jpg', 'dcs_421_stainless_header.jpg') 'DCSAHS6606', '379.99', '341.25', '1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, '1', '8', '0', '23') [TEP STOP] Any help on that?
  4. highgrade00

    Master Products - MS2

    Johnson, earlier you had code up to allow the checkout of items that were not in stock (if it was set to false in admin). Are both codes snippets needed: '.../includes/modules/master_listing.php' AND '...product_info.php'? If so, where do they go in the code, or does it not matter?