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  1. Howard or Roaddoctor: Can you help us get the 1.7 popup to show a couple other shipping options? Not sure where to add the code and how to figure out the identity of the additional shipping modules (Local Delivery and Pickup At Store). I'm guessing it would be the same as adding the Fedex shipping module as you described, but I tried a couple times at it and it didn't bring them up with the UPS and USPS, so I obviously didn't get something right. Didn't get any erors, etc., but also did not get the rates for the two additional modules. Appreciate any guidance you might have. Thanks.
  2. Great contribution! I just added it to a store as the popup version and it works great with UPS and USPS. However, I would like to also include 2 other shipping modules in the popup -- Pickup At Store and Local Delivery. I can't seem to figure out how to add these. I tried in estimated_shipping_functions.php to copy the format and add on Line 123 but can't seem to pickup the other two modules using the same basic code as used for UPS and USPS. Questions: 1. Anyone added other shipping modules? How? 2. On Line 123 where it has the code I tried adding this to the line: || $quotes[$i]['module'] == 'Pickup At Store' But how do I determine the correct text to put where I have Pickup At store? And is this the only place it goes, assuming I'm even on the right track at all. Site is ccappliance DOT com/store Thanks.
  3. Jack: Having just had a hacker get into our site with a javascript iframe insertion which overwrote our store files and our forums, I came across your great script. I installed, but did find that I could not get it to work until I manually created and uploaded an initial log file. Also still have problems with the Admin CP config and have been manually changing the config file for now. At least it is working, which is what is needed right now. My problem/question is this: I would like to monitor the entire web site, but as per you post, if the script encounters any added or deleted files, it stops the comparative scan part. Our forum directory, however, creates a couple new files and deletes one for each post. We don't get many posts, so the changes are easy to verify. Since that is where the hack started (in that directory), I would hate to comment it out. But if I leave it in, I would never know if any existing files had been modified. I don't mind the email about the posts, but is it possible for me to adjust your code to let it do the full scan even if it finds new and/or deleted files? I'm not very good with php, but can add, change code etc. Just can't write much, so am very appreciative of people like you that can. Thanks.
  4. We are thinking about adding this module as well. Our normal usps stopped working the other day for no apparent reason. I am disappointed to hear that this did not install and work properly, so now am reluctant to try it on a working store. Any one else have this working? I am also using an older OSC, and am also curious on how to check the exact version.
  5. Just checked. We are active on the production server and they show the requests on their log. owever, we get the error. We've changed nothing on our store (other than adding items, etc.). Always has worked. Now it doesn't. The UPS and FEDEX modules work fine. Just the USPS doesn't.
  6. I had the same thing happen just recently. The usps module was always working fine -- never a problem. Sometime recently (not sure when, just discovered it today), it stopped working and I get the same error message (An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.). Not sure what has happened. Any suggestions?
  7. Just installed it. Looks good. Have it putting the banners right after my main text and before the New Products For... block. However, it seems to have introduced a few extra lines of space between the banners (have only one row of two short banners) and the New Products box. Looks bad. Not being a real code warrior, can anyone tell me where to look to get rid of this extra space/lines? Would like the banners to be tight up to the New Products For... box.
  8. Two questions: 1. What's happened with this contrib? We are loading a new store and very much ned this capability. 2. We were looking at using the P&G Shipping Module to do this,, but I read some comments in this thread saying that that contrib does not work (using MS2). Is that correct, or have people been using the P&G successfully?
  9. The answer to this problem is what I just commented on in my previous post. If anyone has this problem after doing the install, you will need to use phpAdmin to go into the database (configuration) and remove all the references to the previous cc.php module that are stored there. Otherwise the new module looks to the configuration database, sees that there is info there, and tries to put it into the Admin control panel section (which has the wrong info and boxes). Clean out the old database, then you'll get an Install button when you refresh the Admin/Payment Modules section. That will generate new entries and records into the database appropriate to the new cc.php module.
  10. We also just added this mod to a fresh MS2 store and it seems to be working in initial testing. ONE IMPORTANT THING FOR INSTALLING!!! I forgot to uninstall (Remove) the previous stock CC.php module first (in the Admin control panel) and I could not get this one to show up in the Admin section -- kept getting errors. I had to manually go into the database to remove all the previous settings so that I could do the Install function from the control panel. Run Remove first if you've been using the stock cc module!!
  11. I just replaced our old store with a new MS2 version and am trying to get things working again. I tried adding the newest version of Fedex Real Time contribution, but cannot get it to successfully poll Fedex. Keep getting the "curl cannot connect with Fedex server..." error. Checked the config of the server with the ISP/host and phpInfo and curl and openSSL are both definetly installed and, according to the hiost tech person, properly configured (or so they say). I've tried filling in the path to curl (/usr/bin/curl) and that doesn't work either. In the debug I get the info sent to the Fedex server, but no data comes back. Tech support at our host says all is well with curl etc. and they gave me the correct path to curl. Anybody have any ideas on how we can test this or fix it? We really need to use Fedex since it is our main shipper. The UPS and USPS modules are working fine. I even tried turning them off to see if that made a difference and itr doesn't. Help!!
  12. Hi Linda: Yes, I have your Free Call v.4 installed. I looked at the new_products.php but can't figure out how to adjust it. What i want is to have the last 6 items or so entered show as new. Could you give me an idea of which lines to edit? I'm pretty new and basic when it comes to php. Thanks.
  13. Linda: How do I set the "New Products" so that it doesn't just match the current month? I want to use the default method of showing the last several entered items as "new" all the time. Can't seem to figure out where to change that.
  14. Turning on the Company Name option right now adds the Company name field only to the create_account.php and the account.php screens. However, the Company Name does not show up in some very critical areas. Here is where it would be beneficial to have the Company Name field show in the /catalog files: checkout_payment.php[*] checkout_address.php [*] checkout_confirmation.php [*] email sent upon checkout success [*] account_history.php [*] account_history_info.php You'll notice that if you run a sample transaction and assume that the buyer is a business and not an individual, currently there is no way for the screens or paperwork to identify the transaction by the actual buyer -- its all the contact person. Most businesses or government entities do not want the account history or Sold To or Delivered To in an individual's name -- they need it to be in the business or organization's name. In the Admin section, would need the Company Name on the following: customers.php (in the listing mode in order to find the right customer)[*] orders.php (again, in the listing mode and the individual edit screens for orders) [*] invoice.php [*] packingslip.php It would also be very helpful in the orders and customers screen to be able to sort by company name so as to spot orders by clients. In this case, it would be nice to have a default setting capability to choose between the normal sort by customer name versus having the default by company name. Again, all designed for those who use OSC for mostly business-to-business as opposed to selling to individuals. Does that make sense? More importantly, does it sound like it can be done fairly easily or is this too complicated? My hope is that since the company name gets entered that it is available to be used in any screen and any selection/sort. Would be exciting if you could do this, and I think it would add a whole new dimension/direction for OSC. Thanks for considering it. Based on your other work, you look like the right person to take on the challenge! :wink:
  15. Linda: Any thoughts on the Company Name thingee???