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  1. Thanks a lot burt, I'm checking the links and it does a little bit of what I want indeed. Because I will have many specifications depending on others, I'll see if I can implement something working as I want. I'll dig into in details !
  2. Aouch ! That's gonna be tricky as I'm not a coder ... I understand php but creating a module is a taugh one ! Well, thanks for the info anyways, I'll try to figure it out or tell my client I can't do it this way ...
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first post here and I hope I'll have some answers on my issue. I trying to do some searches of my products like on the following website: 1. customer selects printer brand from drop down box, e.g. HP, Canon, Lexmark. 2. customer then selects printer model from 2nd drop down box, i.e. if customer selected HP in 1st box then all HP models should appear in second box. (No models should appear in 2nd box until customer has selected brand in first box) 3. Search results return all ink cartridges & associated products for that particular printer only. 4. Some ink cartridges can be used in multiple printers and so these products will need to appear in multiple search results. I did a lot of researches on the web to find the way to do that but with no luck... Is there a contribution to achieve that? In which direction should I look ? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Sebastien