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  1. Thank you for your quick response.Chris. So, I suppose this means that a person has to use a module, something like the AUTHORIZE.NET module, that already has this PCI DSS Certification setup, in order for one to process credit cards? With this thought in mind, I will continue to research in the manual for OSCommerce and search in the forums. Thanks again
  2. Hello, fellow OSC people, I am in the middle of setting up a website to accept credit card payments, and I will be using Chase Bank for the credit card processing. I am not sure if I understand how this stuff works. I see there is the Authorize.net processor, but... I have my website setup as a secured website, and I have been talking to my banker with Chase Bank, but I am at a loss in understanding how Chase Bank will receive payments from the website. sooo... Am I to understand that I will have to use one of the modules, like Authorize.net, to process the credit card payments. This is just another fee that has to be paid out. I would hope that there might be a Chase Bank module that I can just download and install into my oscommerce program. Any help will be appreciated... Robert