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  1. I did it again, I lost my mind. yea wrong file not to mention the wrong url. Here it is again... http://vary.net/qtpro/download/patch/product_info.zip Joe
  2. MSWOOHEE, the directory stucture you gave me looks very similar to the ENSIM CP. I made QTpro to function on cPanel and not on ENSIM and Plesk because of how difficult it is to work with them. I am surprise you got osCommerce to even work on it. The problem I had was not being able to send emails to anyone. Several other small problems eventually popped up. Joe
  3. that was a simple fix about the adding products to cart. I just nulled out the auto checked. You can download it on the following url. http://vary.net/qtpro/download/product_info.zip I actually had this fix for awhile, but I was having some personal problems and everything else. I'm sorry for the delay. Joe I am aware of other problems...
  4. This module is pretty complex and I am still working out some minor bugs. It has consume a bit of my time and will be a bit before I get everything corrected. The QTpro project is in the mist of being handed down to Linda McGrath of http://www.thewebmakerscorner.com in hopes she will improve the contribution. Show your support to her for taking over QTpro project. I will be updating the site with the last Patch and Version soon hopefully. It will fix the auto checked on the catalog product info page, that is causing it to show up as null on the shopping cart. Right now, this module is not made to be supported with Buy it Now feature. If you want to use QTpro, disable that feature. Maybe in the future or someone will figure a solution for this. Thanks, Joe
  5. I fixed the link... Also I am working on the diff file, may be a few days though.
  6. VERSION 2.0 This is the all new with many enhancements and some bug fixes. This version is completely bug free as far as I know. Try it out. http://vary.net/qtpro - download site
  7. I have a PATCH for QTpro v1.0. Please visit, http://www.vary.net/qtpro and scroll to the Patches section. This will show required patches for QTpro. Joe
  8. MY BAD... I forgot some TABLES!!! LoL I am working on putting them together so it can be added to your tables. Joe
  9. does this error only occurs with your current products or for all current and new products?
  10. cPIL v1.0 - Catalog Product Info List This is important to have if you don't want your customers fumbling trying to find what is actually instock. Go to the QTpro site for an image of cPIL and to download the current version. It will not be in the demo until the next release of QTpro. http://www.vary.net/qtpro in the add-ons section I am working on trying to get a diff file for people who don't like to replace files or have already made alot of modification to thier script.
  11. I release the script early without that part. By the end of the day, I hope to come out with one that will list what is available. I also will depend on others who wish to contribute to this project. Thank You...
  12. Download QTpro v1.0. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,888
  13. Just to let you know, I am fixing some areas of the module so QTpro can officially be released and used commercial. BETA version can still be downloaded. I need to also give credit to David Garcia Watkins for his alternate attribute contribution that was used in QTpro Joe
  14. Quantity Tracking Professional v0.1 beta (prereleased). Enables you to define quantity for options of a product. For example, allowing you to not only keep track of quantity of a particular item, but also it's options. This is a beta release, you can try the online demo. If you decide to download the beta, please note it is not complete and I am estimating another 7 days before it's actually finished and the first complete version can be released. Fixing: The Product Info page still needs a little work aswell as the Stock Page. Let me know what you think, Joseph S.
  15. zonetown

    Attributes Stock Tracking (development)

    Just to explain what needs to be fixed or planned to be added. "NEW PRODUCT" form "PRODUCT QUANTITY" field needs to be an un-editable box. "NEW PRODUCT" form needs shortcut to "STOCK" page. "NEW PRODUCT" form needs "UPDATE/REFRESH" button (maybe) Move the Attribute Tables Contributions from "NEW PRODUCT" form to "STOCK" page and add a "UPDATE/REFRESH" button. (probably) I am still debating on how it will be displayed on customer's end. It will probably be displayed together in either a drop down box or radio box. Joe