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  1. Hello, world! I'm setting up a new site with osCommerce. I went into PayPal and got the credentials, put them into the PayPal payment module, but when I checkout, nothing happens: it just redirects back to the shopping cart page with ?error_message= appended to the URL. When I test the credentials in the admin, it says this: Failure! The PayPal Express Checkout credentials are not set up correctly for live production use. array(0) { } What's the issue? I'm sure I put in the credentials correctly. What mistake might I have made? Is there something in PayPal I haven't set? My credentials look like this: API Username: user_api1.example.com API Password: ESXXXXXXXXXXXXKU Signature: AQXXXXXXX.XXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXZA What's really confusing is that the error message doesn't give me any information. Version info according to the module: Version: 1.2 API Version: 60.0 Thanks for your help