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  1. operadivamommy

    Events Manager problem

    Hi all, I finally got the MS2 version of the Events Calendar installed. It's great in my catalog, but I can't get the admin area to work...I believe the main problem is that the Start & End date fields aren't there for some reason. The text for them is there, but the form fields themselves are not. I've tried uploading a fresh download of the file in question (admin/events_manager.php) and that hasn't helped matters. Not sure what the solution is. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Laura
  2. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some assistance. I've got the "Featured Products" contribution and was wondering how can designate the system to grab one featured item from each of our 3 main product categories, then have a link for "more". Can anyone help me? Is there somewhere I tell the system which category numbers to pull from and how many? Thanks in advance. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  3. operadivamommy

    User Tracking with Admin 1.31 Released

    I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that I'm getting a LOT of single-page hits from specifically two bots - inktomi & google. There are tons and tons of these single-page hits and I'm not sure what's happening or why they're only managing to hit one page before leaving and then coming right back. Any thoughts? Or am I just out of my mind? Laura :? http://www.bowlzilla.com
  4. operadivamommy

    User Tracking with Admin 1.31 Released

    Thanks for this :D Although I have to admit that I almost didn't go through all the pages about this thread to try and get my problem solved. Good thing I *did* exhibit patience, since my question was answered on the very last page (21)! Thanks again! I'm looking forward to using this contribution a lot! Laura
  5. I'm sure it's nothing to do with the contribution itself, but here are the issues I'm having. Hopefully someone can help me with them: 1. I have a lot of my products "copied" into additional categories. I don't want these products showing up twice on the "All products" page. It just doesn't make sense, and *might* make the robots think I'm spamming them. Definitely don't want that ;-) How can I set things up so it only shows 1 of each product? 2. I not only have occasional products with "/"s in them, but I also would like to make the spaces in my product names have "_"s instead of actual spaces. I haven't yet found out how to take care of both of these in the forums. I *thought* I'd found an answer, but it didn't seem to solve my problem. Thanks in advance. Laura
  6. operadivamommy

    All Products = Spider Food

    Ok, so I'm using v2.3, and I need to convert all spaces to underscores AND convert all /'s to / Maybe my head's gone wacky, but I'm not seeing how to do *both* of these things in this thread. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Laura
  7. Hi there, I've done a search in the archives on this particular item and have not found a solution. From what I can gather, one of the modules I've recently installed must be calling database.php a 2nd time, but the only place I find it called is in application_top.php. This error is appearing on all pages of my catalog, not in admin. Everything from the modules I'd installed last night seemed to working just fine and dandy. I'd been moving around within sections all morning just double-checking everything from last night. Just before I got this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in /home/.aleta/laura/bowlzilla/includes/functions/database.php:13) in /home/.aleta/laura/bowlzilla/includes/functions/database.php on line 13 I'd gone through all the pages of the printable catalog which I'd installed last night. I visited all pages of the catalog, realized there was no direct link back to the online catalog so I entered the URL directly into the address bar. Upon return to the default.php, I got this error and have gotten it ever since. There were no files uploaded in the meantime or anything. I'm at a bit of a loss. How could it all be working one minute, and the next go kerflooey? Can anyone help? I'm using osCommerce 2.2-MS2-CVS if that helps at all. And have been making changes manually in the files for all modules I've added so I be sure that I'm still using the latest versions of files, with just tweaks to them. Thanks in advance. Laura
  8. operadivamommy

    What's New text only listing?

    Hi Linda, Thanks. Yes, I realized after that 2nd post that I sounded stupid. Could you help with the first question though? About a listing? As an example, we currently manually put the new listings on our homepage like this: http://www.Bowlzilla.com Thanks again. Laura
  9. I see that the layout pretty much stays the same from your first default page all the way through looking through the category listings and all that, and doesn't really change until you get to the product listing page. Would it be terribly difficult, and if not, how would I got about it, to have that first page have one layout, and all subsequent pages would have a different layout? In other words, once you move into a category, you'd have a different layout? first page ex: http://www.bowlzilla.com/redesign2/ 2nd page ex: http://www.bowlzilla.com/redesign2/sub2.html 3rd page ex: http://www.bowlzilla.com/redesign2/sub3.shtml Does that make sense? Thanks in advance. Laura
  10. operadivamommy

    What's New text only listing?

    Is there a way to display one random NEW product in a box? Again, thanks in advance. Laura
  11. Is there a way to set up the "What's New in this month" listing so it's in a image-bulleted list? Like in the right-hand column or something? I've seen a text list of Bestsellers done like this (but without the image bullets). Thanks in advance. Laura
  12. operadivamommy

    Categories in table rows?

    Hmm, thought I'd already posted this question today, but I can't locate it anywhere, not even in the listing of posts I've made. I must've forgotten to actually submit it after previewing... Ok. I'm wanting to set up some table row classes and such in order to make my category listing look like my template listing: http://www.bowlzilla.com/redesign2/sub3.shtml (this is a product listing page so the top and left nav are broken up unlike on my redesigned homepage - see below) I've managed to set up the default page to start looking CLOSE to what I want. I've got the categories box in the right place, but I can't seem to make each category and sub-category appear in a separate row, and reformat that one box their in. http://www.bowlzilla.com/catalog/catalog/default.pcgi Any help that someone might be willing to afford would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance. Laura[/url]
  13. operadivamommy

    Linkpoint Basic no wrapper needed.

    ...but will it work with the latest snapshot? I understand that the whole payment/checkout system was redone in late November. Just curious. Thanks. Laura