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  1. Hi Rainer Thanks for your answer. I use the code addon, this is my main problem at the moment, I've entrys in `am_attributes_to_templates` for the fields 'code_suffix' and 'suffix_sort_order', so AM_USE_ATTRIBUTE_CODE and AM_USE_ATTRIBUTE_CODE_SORT are both true in the config. I also noticed that a ID field (with unique value) is missing, so editing with phpmyadmin or mysql console is not possible. I'm not sure what happens if i just add a id field with auto increment id. My main problem is if i load a saved template into an product the fields 'code_suffix' and 'suffix_sort_order' are not populated with the values from the db (from table `am_attributes_to_templates`). I mean the fields are just empty in the product editing page (categories.php). The template attributes are correct added to the product but just without the values from 'code_suffix' and 'suffix_sort_order', I've to update each by hand on each product to which I add saved attribute templates. I got no visible errors, I've tried to debug this, but I'm not a programmer, just doing this as a helper for a friend. Thanks Chris
  2. Hello I've a quick question, I work with 2.8.14 because I've no BS Version. If I save a template I see in the datebase all values like options_id, option_values_id, price_prefix, options_values_price, code_suffix, suffix_sort_order and so on, so far so fine. But if I load a saved template in another product I only get options_id, option_values_id and no other data. So I'm wondering if this behavior is normal. Thanks!