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  1. DanielTahar

    Design of product listing

    Thanks; however, it seems that product_listing.php is quite complicated -- for example, I wouldn't know how to tell it to loop and start a new line every three products, etc. Is there a template I can download anywhere?
  2. DanielTahar

    Design of product listing

    -- EDITED TO ADD: NEED HELP WITH PRODUCT_LISTING.PHP, NOT INDEX.PHP -- Hello, Complete newbie, keep that in mind! I'm trying to customize the "product listing" page (index.php) to show images of the products, without the "product name", "price" etc. Changing it via the index.php file seems extremely complicated; can I use STS on the newest version of oscommerce? Where can I download it? Sounds stupid, but when I go to the page of STS it just gives me "add a file", rather than "download". again, moron, idiot, newbie. Thanks, -- Daniel