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  1. I have been using this for about a month and am very impressed with it. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in regards to what happens after eBay quantity =0 and the listing ends. On my site, the listing will remain in view, but will loose the item ID and the linking. If we get more stock in and our website updates to above zero, we will then need to manually re-add the listing on ebay and make the link between them with the new ebay item ID. Is there a simple way to make make it automatically relist an item once the quantity on the site, goes to 1+, similarly to the way it ends the listing when quantity = 0... perhaps via a SKU? Cheers, Greg
  2. Hi All, I am currently looking to upgrade some of our existing table modules. They will not be shown to customers in checkout if any product that has been deemed as 'bulky' is added to the cart. 'bulky' is a field that has been added to the products table and is represented by 0 or 1. So far, the only additional code I have is the following, but I'm lacking the knowlege to link $bulky to products.bulky based on the products in the shopping cart. if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($bulky = 1) ) { $this->enabled = false; return; } Any help would be appreciated. Cheers