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  1. Hi, How can I make banners to rotate with different images whitout stops? Did I missed something in banner manager? In admin I switched on rotate banners to true and define max. banners in rotation and other features. How can I point banner manager to the images? Static banner (only one image) works just fine. Thanks for the answer. Regards, Matjaz
  2. Hi, Alan. Thanks for your reply. Actually, after realy hard work I managed to solve that issue. At least I thing it is solved, because the web page works just fine:) I checked the code several times, before I was successful. The code needed to be updated because of previous installs of other contributions. But SPPC does not fits perfectly to my needs. What I need is described one poste above and I am trying to solve this issue too. Hope to get some information about it...
  3. Hi, Can someone point me to the right solution... I would just like to apply to each of our customers, a specific % of discount; but only for certain products or groups of products. Not the same % of discount to all products. Is there any contribution to solve this issue at all? Regards, Matjaz
  4. Is there any contribution where could be applied a certain % of discount for a group of products for each, single customer? Any information would be appreciate... Thanks and regards, Matjaz
  5. Hi, I 'm trying to finish installing SPPC 4.2.2 on 2.3.3 version of OsCom. All files seems to be OK, but the following three files make some troubles: - catalog/admin/customers.php, - catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php - catalog/product_info.php I asume that the issue might be somehow connected with already installed QTpro and Header Tags SEO contributions on my page. Did someone have the same problem? Any advise would be appreciate. Regards, Matjaz
  6. Hi, Does anybody know if addon "Customer specific discount percentage" ( could be applied to OsCom 2.3.3 version? If no, is there any similar addon? I,ve tryed to implement SPPC, but I have no idea how it works... Can't specify % of discount to certain customer... Not even to customer groups... Thanks and Regards, Matjaz
  7. @@osas Thanks for you information...
  8. Hi. Is this contribution compatible with version osC v2.3.3? According to upper post the answer should be yes, but can someone confirm that? If yes, which version of SPPC? Regards, Matjaz
  9. Hi, Jack. Yessss; I solved the issue. Actually the problem was with letters. It seems to be that in settings should be put both lower and uppercase letters. Not just lowercase letters. Regards, Matjaz
  10. Hi, Jack. I entered ž=>z. Above character does not work, meanwhile other two (š and č) works fine. Regards
  11. Hello. I'm trying to convert few characters, my local language's letters, with settings in admin (Enter special character conversions), but not succesfully. Can someone, please tell me how to put those special characters into url; how to set it in admin? I would appreciate it a lot. Regards.
  12. Hello. Can someone give me an information whether exists any contribution or application for custom made clothes, which could be integrated or connected with oscommerce web page. That kind of application which could be used for changing colors, sizes, design... Any idea or link would be appreciated. Regards.
  13. Hello. We are very close:) Instead of correct banner in header there is now some other one. When I disable in admin new one I get this message: TEP ERROR! (tep_display_banner(static, 1) -> Banner with ID '1' not found, or status inactive How can I get back in header the right banner? Regards, Matjaz
  14. Hi, Jim. Is there a way to set this banner in header or footer only in index.php? Not on every page...
  15. Hi, Jim, again. Great job. I've followed the install instruction for header/footer banner and succesfully installed it. I asume that banner is configured by banner manager in admin. But I can not find in banner module a field for banner group; which would define correct banner in banner manager. There are only fields: Enable/Disable banner module; Sort order; Title link; Content Placement; Content Alignment. I asume that without banner group definition, banner manager can not connect banner with header. Isn't it? Thanks and regards, Matjaz