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  1. Im having trouble. I get the same problems as rwest Quote: "Well, I do have my zip configured for my store. I notice that after I edit and save the services, text gets stored in the min and max fields. Initially for 1st-Class Lg. Env min=0 max=70 and Handling=0.00. After saving this, and going back in, the values have now changed. min=First Class Mail max=0 and Handling=70. Also, the selection checks get cleared. Thank you. I must of re-installed the different contributions like 15 times. I also double checked the code with the drop on files and modify files. I copied and pasted the code over and over just in case I was missing something. I also tried my own modifications to the php and ended up reverting it back to the original contribution. I read almost every page to every USPS contribution over and over as well as googled it and went to zencart forums. I feel like a zombie right now. UPS is fine but my USPS checkbox never saves and changes my min and max values to priority mail. Ive been using oscommerce for about 8 years and made over 10 sites and never had this issue with the same contributions. I'm really about to give up and drop OSC like everyone recommends. Please help.
  2. Thanks +1 also checked out the rays pizza website. Im in Queens NY.