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  1. GLime

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Good news, they answered. Here is what they told me. I'm not sure why they divided the taxes by the discount but anyways, now that I know where to look for I should be able to midify their formula even thought their code is slightly hard to understand.
  2. GLime

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    All lot of us are having the similar issue. Basicaly on the checkout confirmation page the total is calulated like so. Sub-total + (sub-total * taxes) - discount = final total While it shouyld be Sub-total + ((sub-total - discount) * taxes) - discount However the displayed taxes rate is well caluclated. I have written to http://high-quality-php-coding.com and will write back here once I have news from them.
  3. Does anyone else have issue with the sub-total in the cart and the cart total in right column?
  4. I'm glad to see this topic is not dead. I took screenshots to show you people what's happening to me. If anyone has a clue about what I could have done wrong please reply.
  5. I'm curently investigating on my issue, i notice something quite funny but realy annoying, the option name dropdown list from the products attribute page is replaced by a miniature OSCom login page, if i login to it I am redirected to a new page where the actual functional (with the good options) is displayed.
  6. Hi everyone, I am having the exact same issue as @@cyberndj. Did anyone find how to fix this issue? I tried displaying various echo before " switch ($oa_action) " but nothing display wich means this page is not even called by my products_attributes.php page. If anyone has found the cause of this issue please reply or PM me please.
  7. GLime

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Whenever I try importing the .sql file I keep getting this error from phpmyadmin Erreur Requête SQL: INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Use Progress Bars?', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_PROGRESS', 'Both', 'Set to use the Progress bar for Text Options<br>None = No Progress Bars<br>Text = Textfields only<br>TextArea = TextAreas only<br>Both = Both Text Fields and Areas', last_insert_id(), '4', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'None\', \'Text\', \'TextArea\', \'Both\'),'), ('', 'Upload File Prefix', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_FILEPREFIX', 'Database', 'The prefix that is used to generate unique filenames for uploads.<br>Database = insert id from database<br>Date = the upload Date<br>Time = the upload Time<br>DateTime = Upload Date and Time', last_insert_id(), '5', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Database\', \'Date\', \'Time\', \'DateTime\'),'), ('', 'Delete Uploads older than', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_PURGETIME', '-2 weeks', 'Uploads in the Temporary folder are automatically deleted when older than this setting.<br>Us[...] MySQL a répondu: #1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY' Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?
  8. GLime

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Same here I need to be able to select multiple attributes for a single item