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  1. Good news, they answered. Here is what they told me. I'm not sure why they divided the taxes by the discount but anyways, now that I know where to look for I should be able to midify their formula even thought their code is slightly hard to understand.
  2. All lot of us are having the similar issue. Basicaly on the checkout confirmation page the total is calulated like so. Sub-total + (sub-total * taxes) - discount = final total While it shouyld be Sub-total + ((sub-total - discount) * taxes) - discount However the displayed taxes rate is well caluclated. I have written to and will write back here once I have news from them.
  3. Does anyone else have issue with the sub-total in the cart and the cart total in right column?
  4. I'm glad to see this topic is not dead. I took screenshots to show you people what's happening to me. If anyone has a clue about what I could have done wrong please reply.
  5. I'm curently investigating on my issue, i notice something quite funny but realy annoying, the option name dropdown list from the products attribute page is replaced by a miniature OSCom login page, if i login to it I am redirected to a new page where the actual functional (with the good options) is displayed.
  6. Hi everyone, I am having the exact same issue as @@cyberndj. Did anyone find how to fix this issue? I tried displaying various echo before " switch ($oa_action) " but nothing display wich means this page is not even called by my products_attributes.php page. If anyone has found the cause of this issue please reply or PM me please.
  7. Whenever I try importing the .sql file I keep getting this error from phpmyadmin Erreur Requête SQL: INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Use Progress Bars?', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_PROGRESS', 'Both', 'Set to use the Progress bar for Text Options<br>None = No Progress Bars<br>Text = Textfields only<br>TextArea = TextAreas only<br>Both = Both Text Fields and Areas', last_insert_id(), '4', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'None\', \'Text\', \'TextArea\', \'Both\'),'), ('', 'Upload File Prefix', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_FILEPREFIX', 'Database', 'The prefix that is used to generate unique filenames for uploads.<br>Database = insert id from database<br>Date = the upload Date<br>Time = the upload Time<br>DateTime = Upload Date and Time', last_insert_id(), '5', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Database\', \'Date\', \'Time\', \'DateTime\'),'), ('', 'Delete Uploads older than', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_PURGETIME', '-2 weeks', 'Uploads in the Temporary folder are automatically deleted when older than this setting.<br>Us[...] MySQL a répondu: #1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY' Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?
  8. Same here I need to be able to select multiple attributes for a single item