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  1. Ok, I've been able to sort out everything except for an error when mistyping a state name. In most of the forms for account creation, if you misspell a state name, an error message pops up and a state drop down list is offered. However, when I do this while checking out with PWA, I just get a blank screen after hitting continue. I am running STS and if I turn the display output on this file to normal (not intercepted by the template) the form comes out all messed up. Is there a way to spawn the dropdown within the order_info.php file or order_info_check.php file rather than trying to spaw a new form with order_info_process.php?
  2. Dan, This contrib has 3 distinct forms for order printing. There is /catalog/print_order.php, /catalog/admin/invoice.php and /catalog/admin/packingslip.php. In my opinion, you NEVER want to define globals and allow customer access to the invoice.php or packingslip.php. In fact, everything in the admin directory should have .htaccess security or better. Printorder.php has two security sections of code. The first insures that the user is valid for the session and requires a login if the user is not already logged in: Randy recently added another security feature that is supposed to close the window if the incorrect user is able to access the orders of others while logged in (by changing the orderid in the shortcut for the javascript window). As you have pointed out, this feature does not appear to work and still allows a user who is logged in to view other customers orders. I have not addressed this security hole because I allow guest login purchases and as such have had to remove all security on the order printing information (the guest is not logged in but should still be able to print the invoice so there cannot be any user validation). So I don't have any suggestions for you at this time, though if I get time I may take another look at it in the future.
  3. I am asking where in the file you placed these lines? For example, did you place it after these lines around line 218?
  4. I am having the same problem: I saw this post: My question is, where EXACTLY in catalog/order_info_process.php did you put this code to remedy the problem?
  5. I managed to solve the problem. For some reason, the software was not able to get the meterid properly. I called and emailed Fedex a few times until I got someone to give me the meterid number for my account. Geeze their support is a joke. Anyway, after entering the meterid manually, it looks like everything is ready to go.
  6. pcs

    [contribution] GroupDiscount

    As was mentioned by hozone, you should probably post your question at this thread topic http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=66665 where he checks it more often. Several changes are in the works for a newer version and 1.4 may be out soon.
  7. Thanks Tom, I appreciate the help. I changed the Debug Mode to False and changed Which server to use to production and now receive the following error: No meter number was obtained, check configuration. Error 9910 : Customer Profile Server database processing error. Unfortunately I am stuck on this problem and it is one of the last issues to be resolved before I release this site for general sales. I will start to contact Fedex at this point but I am not sure how to continue debugging this problem becuase everything happens in the background.
  8. I got almost everything working the way I want, here is some more of the things I did: 1) account_history_info.php and orders.php -> make scrollbar = yes, height 800 for the java popup window. If you have even a medium sized logo and order information you will want larger than the default 500 pixels tall and for those people who want to order many items, it should be scrollable. 2) For those using STS, this is the way around it from Brian Gallagher 3) Add cusomter email and phone number to the order form and invoice: 4) The close window image does not correctly show up during a failed print order attempt: In the security section of printorder.php where you see these lines: <tr> <td align="center" valign="middle" class="main"><?php echo TEXT_ORDER_ERROR; ?></td> </tr> <tr> 5) For those using https, the javascript window can be spawned as an http session from account history and at the end of checkout. This poses both security and login problems. Greymist came up with a fix to put in account_history_info.php and checkout_success.php:
  9. I am looking for a way to exclude some html from STS capture. I am using PrintOrder with StoreLogo v2 which creates a printable order form for the customer as well as an invoice and packing slip for the seller. The packing slip and invoice work great because STS does not capture the admin information. However, the printable order form is captured and effectively rendered useless by STS when it is re-formatted within my template. Is there a way to exlude printorder.php from STS capture or can I place it in a different location?
  10. Randy, great contrib! I just setup the print order with store logo v2.0 and I have something of a fix/bug list and a question. Here are the problems I ran into: 1) button_print_order.gif should be button_printorder.gif in catalog/includes/languages/english/images/buttons 2) TITLE_PRINT_ORDER should be PRINT_ORDER_TITLE in catalog/admin/invoice.php in two locations 3) TITLE_PRINT_ORDER should be PRINT_ORDER_TITLE in catalog/admin/packingslip.php in two locations 4) Date information should be included in the order and invoice forms, Jiten came up with a great way to do this in this thread: 5) When in an https session, the print order javascript form will be spawned as an http session. I think the fix was in this thread but I haven't gotten to it yet. 6) A user must login after their session times out. Because the invoice/order information is sent to customers in emails, a user should be able to simply click on the link and not have to worry about login info. I am running the simple template system which intercepts the calaog/printorder html so that all a customer gets is small version of my site with no order information (this does not happen on the admin panel). I have yet to figure out a good way to stop this from happening. Anyone know a way to get around this?
  11. I am getting error messages back during checkout from the fedex shipping module. I have the correct company information, account #, shipping zip and I am not sure where to start to debug this problem. Here are my settings: Federal Express You will need to have registered an account with FEDEX to use this module. Please see the README.TXT file for other requirements. Enable Fedex Shipping True Your Fedex Account Number xxxxxxxxxxx Your Fedex Meter ID NONE cURL Path NONE Debug Mode True Weight Units LBS Which server to use test First line of street address 11139 Air Park Rd Suite 2 Second line of street address NONE City name Ashland State or Province name VA Postal code 23005 Phone number 804-752-6025 Drop off type 5 Display Transit Times True Fedex surcharge? 0 Show List Rates? False Insurance? NONE Residential surcharge? 0 Enable Envelope Rates? False Sort rates: High to Low Timeout in Seconds NONE Tax Class --none-- Sort Order 0 Here is my error message: Federal Express No meter number was obtained, check configuration. Error 9927 : Unable to validate account on FSS Here is the website: https://host134.ipowerweb.com/~bmotorsp/catalog I set NONE in the meterid field thinking I would have a new value returned based on successful communication to the Fedex server but now I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated
  12. I posted the problem regarding the Must be logged in for prices! problem in the shopping cart in the discount thread. I saw that you posted v1.3e as a bug fix so I overwrote the files on my server (1.3e over 1.3d). After doing this, I got the "Must be logged in for prices!" message everywhere. So I put the following altered section in my /catalog/includes/classes/currencies.php. I did not change the database at all however. This had the same affect as before, which was that prices showed up in every field except the shopping cart and the subtotal section when you are checking out after you have added a product to cart. Perhaps this is only affecting the subtotal field? You can see the problem here (this is a test site and not finalized) https://host134.ipowerweb.com/~bmotorsp/catalog/ Problem when not logged in: When logged in:
  13. pcs

    [contribution] GroupDiscount

    First off, I gotta say this is a great mod. Like others, I wish to have guests see pricing information. I did see your fix in currencies.php and I applied it such that the correct pricing information now shows up in most locations. However, the shopping cart still gives the "Must be logged in for prices!" message that was removed elsewhere. This is a problem if a user is looking at the total information in the shopping cart while they are purchasing. Is there a way to remove the "Must be logged in for prices!" message in the shopping cart? Thanks