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  1. Hello Raiwa, I recently had mobile site installed on my 2.3.1 site ( and the PayPal Advance iframe doesn't appear. The option to select credit cards is there on the checkout page but when you click continue to go to the checkout confirmation page no iframe to enter credit cards appears. It works fine on my legacy site. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  2. Also in your Paypal manager setting don't forget to set your silent post to "yes" and the return url to /checkout_process.php if you don't do this your express button won't record the sale either.
  3. The Paypal Advance tutorial on youtube is wrong! It tells you to set your paypal mgr setting to "on my website" and the return method to "post". If you do that your sale will never show up in your admin. Instead set it to the "paypal hosted page" and use the return url /checkout_process.php and set the method to "link". If you still have problems go to oscommerce - solutions .com
  4. I loaded the module but the imbedded payment box is not there. I think I uploaded the three files in the wrong directory. Can you tell me where to upload the three files? root adminherbextract backups EPDocumentation ext images includes captcha cgi-bin download ext images includes pub
  5. i cannot find a Payment module for the new Paypal Advanced, My developer (fatcow) wants to charge me 6 hours of time to set one up. Is there a module for oscommerce?