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  1. Ok... The suspence is killing me.... Has anyone had problems with Peters Site ?.. Ive registered, loged in, read the how too's, ordered the product.. logged out.. and have been waiting for the reply email for about 5 days now... but wait theres more... now when i try to log back in it wont accept my password, and the i forgot my password link, well that was sending me an email 2 days ago, but I yet to see it either... Can someone let me know what im doing wrong, or post this mod somewhwre thats a little easier to get too ..... Thanks -lawsy
  2. BUGGER ! I left out a ?> in my copy paste in the 'other' application top... the one in the admin section... Problem Solved.. Sorry for the trouble people... Thanks -lawsy
  3. Thanks Matt ,I'll look at that link.. I actaully have a table named "articlecat" exactly as whats in the sql... and the addition to the application_top has this added to to to define the table... So Im confused....
  4. Bugger... Installed with a few hiccups, got around those hurdles.. but the I get the following message when clicking on the link in admin.. Now this really makes no sence as I know that TABLE_ARTICLECAT exisits ... Could someone shed a little light on this for me... Thanks -lawsy
  5. Maxi.. Just something htat I forgot to respond too... Im not sure about HTMLArea... but with spaw you do not need to upload a pix in order to have it dispalyed.. you can simply drop and drag or copy/paste from basically any source.. I've tested it with MS word / power point , wordpad , adobe, dreamweaver and frountpage.. and all seem to work fine.. the only thing I find is that the CSS have to be added after as when you copy and paste it only gives you standard text.. but hte sizes, colors formats etc all saty... even coping tables work fine.. infact you can even copy and paste from a web page.. images etc all copy accross without error... I'll have the contribution ready tommorrow ( hopfully ) just addressing some installation readme how too's.... Cheers -lawsy
  6. Hey Maxi... I'm inpressed that you responded so quickly... Ive loked that the way the other have to set up to utilie CSS type intergration , but I still like the way Spaw does it... Basically it can be pointed at the stardard CSS file, or a PHP var that corresponds to it ( it the case of themes ) and all your HTML editing will reflect your chosen sytle or theme... I'll test the module and post it up as a addon for MS1... Im sure there will still be poepole that will utilise it, and besides it will give a chance for some feedback... Its pretty groovy hey... Cheers -lawsy
  7. Hi Peter.. You might like to have a look at this.. I encounted it when trying to change details on your site.. -lawsy
  8. Just curious... ( sorry I havnt read all 12 pages of this post , and I may be doubling up on some previously discussed topic , and if so I appoligise..) But , was Solmetra's SPAW Editor, or Fernando ?lvarez's wysiwyg_web_edit ever considered as options for a HTML Editor... ? Both offer options that are not currenlty incorporated as part of HTMLArea. The main differences being in the way they handle tables and table atributes. ( Apart from the fact that Spaw has an inhansed Graphical interface ). And although Im not sure about HTMLArea, but hte other 2 are php based, with Spaw utilising a php call to initiate it. Also, Spaw has the capibility to usilise your existing CSS file , giving you the ability to select your pre-existing CSS styles rather than font names. This is surly an added advantage. Well thats my 2c's... If anyone is interested I'd be happy to convert the module to Spaw ( just take into consideration that spaw is around 500k ) Cheers - lawsy