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  1. 0nyx

    Request Product Reviews

    Thank you for the reply. So,is there a contribution that does what i initially want which is to allow only to customers with one previous order to submit a review?
  2. 0nyx

    Request Product Reviews

    Does anyone know if this contribution can be modified and if yes how to allow reviews only by customers that have at least one previous purchase?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there is a contribution that allows product reviews to be submitted only by customers who have purchased something.I have searched but havent found anything doing what i want.I can find many things relative to reviews but none of them does what i ask. So, any suggestions / ideas?
  4. Hello to all. I hope i am posting this in the right section since i am new here. I have an eshop that i would like it to display some weather information on the main page.I searched for OScommerce addons and i only found one (Weather Box) that only displays french cities and american cities so it doesnt work for me. So while i was searching i found another widget called Weather Widget FX that does exactly what i want it to (like input from user) and looks nice as well. My question since i am kinda new in OSCommerce is if it can be installed on OScommerce and if yes how exactly.On the picture attached you can see the files that i have regarding Weather Widget FX. Thank you.