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  1. shellyky

    Link Point

    You may have tried during their 'downtime' discussed here. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/371999-linkpoint-ssl-change-caused-downtime/ i just had to change 2 lines of code on my file for it to work correctly again--you might check that then try again
  2. shellyky

    LinkPoint SSL change caused downtime

    YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER--i uncommented those 2 lines and it works...Thank you so much, you've saved the day...literally had 5 people waiting to pay me.
  3. shellyky

    LinkPoint SSL change caused downtime

    is this causing the error of please wait 10 minutes before trying again? my site was working fine then today everyone is getting that error!! I got a callback in with the host, getting ready to call linkpoint, just didnt know if this was my fix or not--thank you! is it actually these two lines? i think you might have grabbed the returnfransfer by mistake, its already in there # curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0); # curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0);
  4. shellyky

    Linkpoint API Problems

    I'm getting (out of nowhere): - SGS-020006: Please contact merchant services. I contacted Linkpoint/First Data and they said everything checked out OK on their end. They told me to re-download and re-upload them PEM file which i did, and it didnt fix anything. Google searches turn up something about a change in address with the merchant bank? I did move 6 months ago but i never notified first data or linkpoint of this change. My statement is coming to my actual address here in my new location, however on the phone the address they had me verify was my OLD address. The tech support guy said even if that was mismatched it would still work because he's testing my current pem file and it works. So where is the missing link here? Everything was fine last week. Nothings changed since then....seems to have stopped working wednesday (last order). Dreamhost says they didnt do anything and dont see any record of changes, and port 1129 is open. my only option now is to call back linkpoint for the 4th time today and tell them to change my address and generate me a new PEM file?
  5. replying to own post... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3072 Estimated Shipping Module how does it acquire the rates?
  6. HI, i was wondering if it's possible to have an add on that when you 'view cart' you're presented with a "ZIP CODE" box and can use that to estimate shipping cost based on your zip vs. what is in your cart....without having to create account then finally get to see the numbers. I'm using only UPS ship services. My customer sells things that are 1 pound, all the way to 100 pounds so knowing the shipping estimate pretty quickly, is vital to someone buying. I don't really know what to look for--i havent found any search results pretaining to this
  7. I was using the old linkpoint api forever, and decided to update last night since i was tired of errors on orders over 1000 and & signs in company names throwing flags... 1) So i get my first 2 orders this morning and i recvd an email (im assuming from my host) called CC Debug Outbound, and another Inbound. WHAT ARE THESE? can i turn this off somewhere?! 2) My orders (as viewed in L.P.C.) always just showed "SALE" then the amount. Now they show an AUTH and a couple secs later, TICKET. Is this correct? Is this like a 'hold' on a card which disappears as soon as it charges it? (i'd hate to be charging people double amounts for any amount of time) 3) the email address isn't getting passed to LPC--it's not a big deal, but just odd that it wouldn't be picking up the email address and the product ID is a now a long string of numbers and brackets instead of like "134" So if anyone can answer those 3 questions that would be great. Payments seem to be working, it's just a little odd on what all changed. Thank you!
  8. shellyky

    LinkPoint API Problem

    Hello ive been using this linkpoint API from before 2007 so my version was old--was tired of deleting out the "&" sign from company names so i installed the newest mod last night.... now ive got 2 orders this morning and i get that "debug" email as you posted here... i get 2 per order. what is this? is it coming from my host? am i going to get this every time i get an order?
  9. my site after running smooth for 2+ yrs all of a sudden after entering their CC and hitting submit button, it's kicking customers back to the enter cc page and they of course, enter it again thinking they have no been charged. in reality they are being charged everytime. i have no idea whats going on with it. ive checked my authorize.net settings and everything looks ok (after all ive changed nothing). i try to catch them every day before the batch to delete multiple charges but it's getting out of control. I've posted on here 2x about it with no answers. i really need help! I am using the old version of OSC and old authorize.net module--im really not smart enough to upgrade a current site and keep all of the data in tact (we have over 500 products with tons of attributes) any tips on where to look would be appreciated!
  10. Godaddy is my host, authorize.net is my processor, trying to use AIM first. AIM gives me the "error=general" for anything in live or test mode. however when auth.net is in test mode and osc is in live mode, it "goes thru" but that does me no good since it's not processing anything. (real CC, or 4111 test #) (auth.net unsettled transactions shows status of "General Error" so i dunno if those will settle or not) Tried SIM and that works ok when i submit with auth.net in test also, but as soon as it goes to live mode, " The configuration with processor is invalid. Call Merchant Service Provider. " (on a real CC # or the 4111 test #) so basically im sitting here trying everything under the sun, getting ready to rip my eyeballs out. I've been at this for 6+ hours so far today. I've found 2 or three posts which have helped tremendously (the one telling about which port, etc to get past curl proxy), but everything else is just not an awswer. ...heeeeellllllp :'(
  11. i'm in your same boat. I found this post and it fixed my 'hang/timeout' issue, but now i just get a 'general error' when i try to charge a card... im so frustrated--anyways, here's the post w/ code in it http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=293045
  12. shellyky

    Authorize.net AIM 1.0 on Godaddy

    i tried both of the answers here (the code, and the curl in the path box) and before i did those, it would just time out and go page cannot be displayed. now it actually loads but gives me: There has been an error processing your credit card Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. test mode, live mode, real CC #, test CC #...nothing really works except putting it on check/money order LOL which is not an option. I wanna die--i can't believe this isn't already working. This is my 3rd OSC install and none of them have problems cept this one.
  13. shellyky

    Authorize.net Need Help Badly!

    according to authorize.net they dont have the option to do that, i have to do it in the cart....... LOL....ugh. it's no where in the cart.
  14. shellyky

    Authorize.net Need Help Badly!

    ok thanks alot - i looked in OSC admin and in Authorize.net admin, i dont see a place to do that (only for virtual terminal do i see authorize only). Is there any short direction you could give me for that?
  15. shellyky

    Authorize.net Need Help Badly!

    I've ran this OSC cart for a year, and now all of a sudden authorize.net is charging people 2 and 3 times for orders. i've not changed anything. some customers report they get errors (but no one can tell me the error) authorize.net tells me "we only charge what your cart sends us". So that is about useless information. i'm at my wits end, can anyone please help me? even if you just login to your authorize.net and relay me your AVS settings, i've checked so many things to try to get it to decline duplicates its not even funny. You'd think there'd be a "Decline Duplicates" checkbox. I know my linkpoint has that feature. im desperate.