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    Size Search Addon

    Actually no! I couldn't figure out how to bring the query into the search form. But I will try a little more. You can see the progress here: http://www.vondenbenken.com/shop/catalog/advanced_search.php (Don't bother the design btw;))
  2. LexLusa

    Size Search Addon

    Hello Friends, I'm a bit helpless here ;) I already tried anything I could find (even destroyed my shop with one crappy addon(products_specifications_1_0_3) Maybe you guys can help me ;) Background Info: I am running a shop were I sell products where the size really does matter for the Enduser. The size thing is a main search term and very important. Actual situation: ATM I only have an search extension on the "Advanced search"-site [selectbox (200 - 300cm) || (300 - 400cm)...] This not very usabilltyfriendly What I want? I want 2 selectboxes on the left Navigationpanel where also the categories and manufactures search is that are titled: Size from [sELECTBOX] to [sELECTBOX] (Searchbuttonbutton) I can't seem to find a solution, help would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Greez, LL
  3. LexLusa

    Size Search Addon

    Thanks, atm I'm fiddling to get this addon http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7985 to my front boxes ;) This might work ;)