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  1. jmdean

    Need A Fast PayPal Add On Module

    Yes, the information will still have to be captured for shipping purposes and such, but it’s more of a convenience for a customer. Why should I try to figure out my username and password to order from this store, when this other store doesn’t require me to register? Fast in, fast out. That’s the way I feel about it anyways.
  2. jmdean

    Need A Fast PayPal Add On Module

    Most large retailers have a check out as a guest option. That information is still captured but customers don’t have to sign up to become a member of your site. IMO that’s the way most shoppers like to shop. Otherwise you have to signup for every site you buy at and remembering all your accounts is a big hassle. Guest checkout is what I believe he is looking for.
  3. jmdean

    Original icons look horrible

    The images are in your catalog/images folder. The easiest way I found to replace them and not have anything show, is to just overwrite them with a 1px by 1px gif.
  4. jmdean

    [Addon] Generic Box

    I guess I should add that I'm using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.1
  5. jmdean

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Hey Jim First thank you for this. Very useful. I’m having a problem with trying to display a image in the box. In the contents box I seem to be getting a slash added before each " and the image doesn’t show. So if I input this <img src="/images/myimage.png"> and submit, the system changes it to <img src=\"/images/myimage.png\"> Same with if I input the exact url for the image. Is there something I’m doing wrong or may have screwed up? Thanks Mark
  6. jmdean

    CCBill Gateway Module

    We’re running this module http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6141 on osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.1 There appears to be one problem with it. CCBill also requires the customer phone number, so I added the below to the code: Find: tep_draw_hidden_field('formName', MODULE_PAYMENT_CCBILL_DYNAMICPRICING_FORMNAME) . And under it you will see all the form fields. Add to the forum fields: tep_draw_hidden_field('phone_number', $order->customer['telephone']) . I added it between the country and currency code. That seemed to do the trick and we are processing orders through CCBill now. Of course we only use English and US currency so I’m not sure if this will work with others. A couple of notes, and most of this is in the directions if you follow them. So read the directions in the module first. You need to have a sub account setup with CCBill for dynamic pricing, and you need to setup your CCBill form. If you have trouble setting up your CCBill form, contact them and they will assist. We contacted CCBill and told them exactly what we were doing and they helped us out. You can reference them to the module and this document http://www.ccbill.com/cs/3p/CCBill_OSCommerce_Set_Up_Guide_Dynamic_Pricing.pdf Also we were receiving an “Invalid Initial Price” error when processing some orders at CCBill. This turned out to be a price limit CCBill had set and happened when someone ordered something over that price limit. You can contact them about raising your price limit if need be. CCBill also has a minimum limit it would appear. We setup a 99cent test item to test with and we had to change that to $3 for it to work. And one other note on CCBill. After the transaction at CCBill, their confirmation page did not automatically direct back to our site. The link was in their conformation page, but the buyer had to click on it to return to our cart. We contacted them and they were able to automatically redirect that page back. So everything seems to work now. Of course we don’t get back information from CCBill if an order is canceled or not, so check your billing at CCBill to make sure before you ship. Good luck and I hope this may help some.