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  1. mikeyb25

    Credit Card Options

    @@DunWeb I don't know if I am extremely happy for how simple this was or extremely upset from how stupid I feel... It looks as if it worked. For now, it only says "Credit Card (Processed by Authorize.net)" , but doesn't actually have fields. Is this due to something with the Authorize.net account not being setup, or what?
  2. mikeyb25

    Credit Card Options

    Okay, guys, forgive me if this has a simple answer and if it's need answered a thousand times here. I did look, and had a hard time, and I am overall new to osCommerce. My client got an authorize.net account, I set up the information to sync it with osCommerce with the "Authorize.net Credit Card AIM" Payment Module , ect. Now, when I go to see how it looks for check-out, there are no options for someone to enter credit card information. What would be stopping the credit card options to appear?