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  1. Hi Lorraine, just comment or remove is_array($wishList->wishID) && in line 37, so this line looks like: if (/*is_array($wishList->wishID) && */!empty($wishList->wishID)) { . It works for me and i have no conflict with both contributions ;)
  2. Have You changed standard ID for english language? If YES, that can be Your problem. Have You tried to change language id in database table cell 'pages_description -> language_id' for page You have created for english version? What is happen if You do this?
  3. You have to install new BOX 'Info Pages' in Your Admin Panel -> Modules -> Boxes. All links to Your pages You have created will be in this box
  4. If You have added Modular Front Page contribution, TEXT_MAIN is in 'includes/modules/frontpage/text_main.php' Simply add to function execute(): $body_text .= ' <div class="contentText">' . PHP_EOL; $body_text .= $pagetext . PHP_EOL; $body_text .= ' </div>' . PHP_EOL; and change this line in this function: global $oscTemplate, $language, $PHP_SELF, $cPath; to: global $oscTemplate, $language, $PHP_SELF, $cPath, $pagetext; (Added ', $pagetext' at the end of line)
  5. Try to use http:// in URL address You adding