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  1. Thanks, Rainer. I have sent him a private message.
  2. Just a quick question about the Define Content contribution (, I use this and have noticed that someone was able to get this contribution working with the mobile version (please see: Do you know how they achieved this?
  3. Thanks, Raiwa. I've just completed this change and all seems to be fine now. Many thanks for your prompt response.
  4. Hi Raiwa I've just installed Mobile OSC 7.5.9 on OSC 2.2 RC2 and browsing to my site's URL via a smartphone seems to land on the mobile view of the site. The navigation menu, however, does not work and seems to want to browse to the relevant URLs using the rather than using the mobile URL mobile/search.php. The site uses Ultimate SEO URLs v2.2d and noticed that step 4 (catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php) in the documentation mentioned to skip that step, which I did. If I manually type the mobile version of the URL, all seems to work fine. The only extra thing to note is that I am currently running the site on a test domain, so before I modified anything I took a copy of the site and database and modified the configure.php files to look at the new test domain Have I missed something? What would be preventing the site from using the mobile URL? Any help would be much appreciated.