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    Heatherbell reacted to burt in Help with ot_shipping due the free shipping   
    if ( ($order->info['total'] > 29.90) && ($shipping_weight > 100) ) { You *might* need to globalise $shipping_weight ... see how it's done in (eg) zones.php
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    Heatherbell reacted to Jack_mcs in Category Images   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Added a version for Phoenix. Added an option to allow controlling which categories are displayed. Added a module for sub-categories. Added a module for categories with product pages. Changed install text to mention the equal heights addon. Corrected mistake in the module that was storing some of the settings in the wrong place. Corrected mistake in the css that would prevent other css from working. Moved the css code from user.css to the ext/css/category_images,css file. Replaced unused variable with the correct code. Found by member @Moxamint.  
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    I'll try to get an update within the month. If there are other addons that are used, it is best to post the message in the support thread for it. I don't have time to run through all of my addons so, initially, I will only be doing the ones I or my clients use or when there is a request like yours.
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    @Jack_mcs Many thanks for this module - just loaded into a new Phoenix and works great.
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    Good job.  
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    Heatherbell reacted to Jack_mcs in Article Manager v1.0   
    To those that interested, there is a planned update, probably within the next few weeks.
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    Heatherbell reacted to Jack_mcs in MATC BS   
    @HeatherbellNo need to apologize.   What you provided was enough for me to see the problem. To fix it, find this in the includes/modules/matc.php file
    var modal = document.getElementById('matc-modal'); and add this above it
    var isModal = '<?php echo (MATC_SHOW_POPUP == 'True' ? 1 : 0); ?>'; if (isModal == 1) { Then a little lower in the file, find
    </script> and add this above it
    } I tested the above under 7.1 and it worked without error. There is a known problem with using the popup and not the text area option. That has been fixed in the next version.  This doesn't have anything to do with this problem but I thought I would mention it in case you found that next.
    Regarding Article Manager, it has not been updated in almost three years so it won't work for newer php and CE versions. A new version is close to being released but it still might be a month or more before I can get to it.