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    Heatherbell got a reaction from Jakdjak in Cardsave (by Worldpay) Payment Module   
    The module needs recoding, the message indicates to replace all entries similar to 
    " . TABLE_XXX . " with
    xxx E.g. replace
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from villameschik in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Change your admin directory to a different secure name - now!
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Uploaded with the sort order fix:
    Ajax Attribute Manager 3.3.5
    Tested with Phoenix
    PHP 7.0 to 7.4
    + added install script for sort_order column in products_attributes table if missing. Thanks to @radhavallabh and @Patrick_R for the report
    + Added instructions to modify product info options attributes module's query to use product based attributes values sort order.
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from zeeshop in Help with ot_shipping due the free shipping   
    The following works for us (with thanks to @ecartz for solution).
    public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); if ($this->enabled && isset($GLOBALS['order']->info['total']) && ($GLOBALS['order']->info['total'] < 30)) { $this->enabled = false; } }  
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    Heatherbell reacted to ArtcoInc in TinyMCE editor for admin   
    Except when they are the boss, or owner .... <sigh>
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    Heatherbell reacted to puddlec in TinyMCE editor for admin   
    @jonwix @Heatherbell
    try the version i have attached, should be fixed now, also added support for the information pages
    TinyMCE 1.0.5.zip
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from René H4 in TinyMCE editor for admin   
    Just from my personal experience, in a prior job, if personnel continually did not double check their data entry, they would inevitably end up with no job!
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from jonwix in TinyMCE editor for admin   
    A quicker workaround is to use "Copy to" > "Duplicate product" of an existing product and then edit that.
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Just tested under PHP 7.4 and it seems to work ok.
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Ajax Attribute Manager 3.3.0 beta
    OsCommerce Phoenix (tested with
    PHP 7.0 to 7.3
    A  lot of changes, so please, give it a try and report back if there appear any issues.
    + removed duplicated language definitions. Thanks to @kgtee
    + fixed unbalanced table columns. Thanks to @radhavallabh
    + added table titles.
    + updated to bootstrap design elements (buttons, tables etc).
    + replaced image icons by fontawesome icons.
    + removed deprecated css
    + removed deprecated image icons
    + replaced jquery with native javascript in admin hooks. Thanks to @PiLLaO
    + removed qtpro support. It's now available in it's own tab on the product edit page.
    + updated sort order support modifications in cm_pi_options_attributes.php

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    Heatherbell got a reaction from ebarrett in SSL check breaking Paypal payments   
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in Wholesale (SPPC lite)   
    Wholesale (SPPC) Lite 4.3.0 beta
    Requires Phoenix
    This is a beta version for testing. Please use the latest Phoenix from GitHub.
    Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.3.0 beta.zip
    Version 4.3.0.:
    Update for Phoenix deprecated all alternative box and content modules (except product info options attributes module) using template for box and content modules added language definitions used in product info price module to store module added reviews box template added pi module  
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from dculley in Stripe v3 module for SCA   
    Find any instances of
    in the module file and and replace with
    Remove module - upload new module file and install module again.
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from zefeena in Customer Basket   
    Sorry I don't know how to fix this add-on or your website issue but, speaking from bitter experience, installing an old unsupported add-on is never a good idea.
    You mentioned in another post and your signature that you need to renew your website which is a good idea.
    I feel your pain, been there myself but it becomes like plugging holes in a sinking ship and you never know what sales you are losing from a broken/malfunctioning website.
    I eventually had to bite the bullet and get a new website made from scratch - it does ease the pain!
    I would recommend upgrading to CE Phoenix - get a certified developer to do it for you - @raiwais widely recommended.
    You may be able to DIY but there comes a point (like DIY electrics!) when it is safer to hire a professional!
    It is definitely worth it in the long run and you won't have to shut down your business to do it.
    Once done you will be able to manage the website yourself a lot more easily and it will allow you the time to do what you do best
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from raiwa in [Contribution] Recently Viewed Products(sales optimized)   
    Works in our shops too.
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Uploaded new package :
    AJAX Attribute Manager Phoenix
    v 3.0.0 for Phoenix (older BS version support removed)
    v3.1.0 for Phoenix 1.0.3.x
    + Updated for Phoenix 1.0.3.x compatibility
    + hooked all modifications
    + no core file modifications at all
    + removed modified files and references for older BS version
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    I had a look and the attributes manager can be hooked in the new categories.php => no more file editing. Coming soon.
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    Heatherbell reacted to puddlec in TinyMCE editor for admin   
    That's the advantage with the hook system that was used ( as well as using modules to add new features) , less chance of things going wrong. as well as so much simpler to install as well
    I've managed to break all sorts of things in the past when installing / updating addons in the past.
     i will of course check against future releases of phoenix, to make sure everything still works
  19. Haha
    Heatherbell got a reaction from Moxamint in TinyMCE editor for admin   
    All fixed now and this addon works great (thanks again @puddlec) - I found I had some old TinyMCE addon code still in application_top (head slap) - my categories.php is ancient!
    Love the new!
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from DAVID3733 in Lloyds cardnet connector   
    We are on php 7.2 but our host server is running Mcrypt - we had to ask them to enable it.
    Alternatively you will need to pay a developer to up date the Sagepay module as it has not been updated here.
    We have found Sagepay email support to be patchy but their telephone support is good.
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    Heatherbell reacted to raiwa in Display Tax Info V3.0   
    Uploaded Update for Phoenix:
    Display Tax Info V3.5
    Changelog Version 3.5
    - updated instructions for Phoenix
    - added modified options attributes product info module. (Supplied files are for Phoenix 1.0.2.x)
    - added support for addons options images and QTPro.
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    Heatherbell got a reaction from yahalimu in Advice needed on shipping module   
    We are in the same position as you - haven't a clue what the 'right' way to do this is and never found a definitive answer on the forum.
    We have UK as one Country - we have all the counties as Zones of UK - we have Tax Zones made for each region e.g. Northern Ireland is one of them - insert the appropriate counties in the appropriate Tax Zones e.g. County Antrim as Zone in Northern Ireland Tax Zone - note that County Antrim will still show as a zone of UK. we then cloned the Table Rate shipping module, one for each Tax Zone  -Table Rate Shipping gives option to set Shipping Zone which will show the Tax Zones created to choose from whereas Zone  Rate only allows to set Country (confused yet? I know I am!).
    Don't know what implication this has on the SCA thing - I can only hope this might help or prompt somebody who actually knows what they are doing to step up to correct.
    Best of luck to you in any case.
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    Heatherbell reacted to BrockleyJohn in [Addon] Simple Master Password v 3.1 on...   
    OK, I'll try it on a Phoenix install myself & see what happens... did you check that you've updated the catalog password_funcs file not admin?
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    Heatherbell reacted to burt in Help with ot_shipping due the free shipping   
    if ( ($order->info['total'] > 29.90) && ($shipping_weight > 100) ) { You *might* need to globalise $shipping_weight ... see how it's done in (eg) zones.php
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    Heatherbell reacted to Jack_mcs in Category Images   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Added a version for Phoenix. Added an option to allow controlling which categories are displayed. Added a module for sub-categories. Added a module for categories with product pages. Changed install text to mention the equal heights addon. Corrected mistake in the module that was storing some of the settings in the wrong place. Corrected mistake in the css that would prevent other css from working. Moved the css code from user.css to the ext/css/category_images,css file. Replaced unused variable with the correct code. Found by member @Moxamint.