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    Advice needed on shipping module

    @yahalimu http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4712 There so this one - I have never got it to work though I read that others have - hope it helps you.
  2. @burt Common usage in business emails to save time but not to be used as a rude door slam!
  3. @burt NNTR = No Need To Reply - meant as a time saver not a rudeness. That said, thanks for taking the time to explain - all cool.
  4. You over estimate the abilities of shopowners. NNTR
  5. Sorry, other than changing the width/sort order, don't know how shopowner can change the appearance or behaviour across devices of the product-listing module. In the eye of the beholder but I agree with ReneH4 above, the current look is not the best it could be. Thinks: If product-listing was not a table and output like this? List on right would shuffle below image in mobile. Don't get me wrong, just thoughts, trying to be constructive here, I have no idea what is and what is not possible.
  6. Maybe shopping_cart is a candidate for 'fugly pages'? Sorry I know the product-listing table has already recently been improved for mobile view (thanks for that).
  7. Heatherbell

    Advice needed on shipping module

    Clever? Me? Haven't a clue like I said. Only hoped it might help. Trying to figure out the shipping module thing together with carrier charges is a 'mare. Probably worth paying one of the developers here to make a shipping module so at least you know it works - it's a balance of the cost of their time versus yours. Best of luck in any case.
  8. Heatherbell

    Advice needed on shipping module

    Cloning a module means copying and renaming to make another Yes
  9. Sorry - just a BTW - template.me.uk/phoenix update product quantity in cart has stopped working - works fine on my current install though. WTF - tested again and now working - it definitely didn't work on Lemons left in cart from a previous login - will try to replicate
  10. No, try as I might, I haven't either - an anomaly.
  11. Thanks - sorry that confused me (doesn't take much!)
  12. On a new install of - maybe I'm missing something or I'm an idiot or both but... Uninstalled Page Heading module from index_nested (shows category title on category page?) but category name still shows. Same goes for Category Description - set to false or remove but still shows.
  13. Heatherbell

    Advice needed on shipping module

    @yahalimu We are in the same position as you - haven't a clue what the 'right' way to do this is and never found a definitive answer on the forum. We have UK as one Country - we have all the counties as Zones of UK - we have Tax Zones made for each region e.g. Northern Ireland is one of them - insert the appropriate counties in the appropriate Tax Zones e.g. County Antrim as Zone in Northern Ireland Tax Zone - note that County Antrim will still show as a zone of UK. we then cloned the Table Rate shipping module, one for each Tax Zone -Table Rate Shipping gives option to set Shipping Zone which will show the Tax Zones created to choose from whereas Zone Rate only allows to set Country (confused yet? I know I am!). Don't know what implication this has on the SCA thing - I can only hope this might help or prompt somebody who actually knows what they are doing to step up to correct. Best of luck to you in any case.
  14. @René H4 Sorry, only now am I understanding your first question - I thought you meant on product_info - I am idiot.
  15. @René H4 Your first question sounded like you did not have the PI module.
  16. @René H4 Change the sort order and width of product-info modules to suit you. Encourage you to join and support the Phoenix project - there has been a recent gift to supporters of game-changing module that allows millions of product-info layout possibilities not possible in normal bootstrap.
  17. @René H4 We used a user.css addition of .img-fluid {max-width: 250px; max-height: 250px;} - change the pixel amount to your own needs - might help, might not!
  18. Heatherbell

    Add Meta tags/Description

    @anshika Note that you should be using the latest version of Phoenix shown in the link below. If not, you need to upgrade.
  19. @Talen7 You need to upgrade your site to CE Phoenix.
  20. Heatherbell


    @burt The king of rhetorical questions! It's definitely a good idea that I expect would be welcome by many - it's one of the first things we load up.
  21. Heatherbell


    Dank je wel! Veel geluk. It's a long time since I lived in Drenthe.
  22. Heatherbell


    Sorry for my bad Nederlands
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    Yes, we have it installed - het's goed zo
  24. Heatherbell

    Create New Account Problem

    @rebelsheep We used to have similar problems with Paypal express checkout so we did not use it. You are better off getting the customer to create account though don't know why you would need DOB and gender so get rid of them too - make it easier for your customers to create account.