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  1. @spoma We were in exactly the same position as you. Our business doubled when we changed our site from 2.3.4 to responsive. The latest Phoenix is without doubt the way to go, besides being responsive (the shop side looks great on every device - see the official demo site https://template.me.uk/phoenix/ ) and updated for latest php, it is now 'modularised' with add-ons easy to literally add on without the loads of crazy core code changes that were needed in the old OSC. It is also being supported and being moved forward by financial contribution from users (I encourage you to join the Phoenix Club on this forum where you can financially support). We are not coders but we have not found it too difficult to customise the look of our shop ourselves with some changes to css and some expert help in the Phoenix Club.
  2. Heatherbell

    Help Testing site

    @Adam_Maynard Haven't tested everything but all looks good @Jack_mcs has done a great job.
  3. Heatherbell

    Notes don't work

    @bnguru If you mean you added notes to the 'Comments' box in the checkout process - these will show when you click the 'Status History' tab on the order in admin.
  4. Heatherbell

    HTML Modifications

    @bnguru You can install the My Account in different places (Logout will also show but only when Logged In). Install on the top website Navigation bar from Admin - Modules (in the list on the left) - Navbar Modules - Install Module (button top right) - Account or Install in the website Header from Admin - Modules - Content - Install Module - Buttons or Install in the website Footer from Admin - Modules - Content - Install Module - Account Block You can find up to date add-ons by searching in the Apps Marketplace button at the top of this page. You are using Phoenix so we recommend you join the Phoenix club on this forum.
  5. @ArtcoInc My fix was for Category Description on category page - don't know about home/index page although we also use Jackmc's Category Images but with modification
  6. @ArtcoInc For Category Description instead of <br/>, we wrapped each line in a div which seems to work - yes, the whole img-fluid is weird - we limited upper size with user.css .img-fluid {max-width: 200px; max-height: 200px;} which seems to work - cornishhoney.co.uk
  7. Heatherbell

    HTML Modifications

    @bnguru Keep looking! Go to admin - tools- define languages - modules/content/index/cm_i_customer_greeting.php and modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main.php You can edit the text and use html to change the appearance. When somebody posts a reply that is helpful you can click the heart in their post to show others the answer is helpful.
  8. Heatherbell

    HTML Modifications

    @bnguru When you are logged in to your admin page - click the 'Tools' box at the bottom left of screen - click 'Define Languages' - you will then see all the language files for the text displayed in the shop - you can click them and edit/save them without leaving your admin page.
  9. Heatherbell

    Help with ot_shipping due the free shipping

    Hoping for some advice to edit the code in the above post (which should read) - if ($order->info['total'] > 29.90) { $check_flag = true; } if ($check_flag == false) { $this->enabled = false; } for example - so the shipping module only shows when order total is more than 29.90 AND more than total shipping weight of 100 - if that is possible. Many thanks.
  10. Heatherbell

    About Newsletters Manager.

    @chuntse It sends to the email address - it is useful to make your own test account with your own email address and then try sending the newsletter just to your own test account first - you can the see how it works and looks for a customer.
  11. @14steve14 We were in a similar boat but now signed up to SagePay as a payment provider (they take care of SCA) and to Barclaycard for a merchant account (variable charges but about 1.4% max).
  12. @bitit.it You need to say what oscommerce version you are using. You also need to ask a more detailed question so others know what you want.
  13. @Druid6900 I am not a coder or developer and have no expertise but just upgraded from Frozen to Phoenix and transferred database data with little problem and we have 1000's of products. PhpMyadmin (or similar) database is easy to use - compare tables (there are very few differences anyway), export data from one table and import data into the other. Sure there is help here on the forum for advice if you need it.
  14. @greasemonkey reckon it should be fas fa - it is the format for the latest font awesome version 5 https://fontawesome.com/icons/angle-right?style=solid