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  1. Heatherbell

    Can't get either Stripe or Braintree to work

    @wetzel Check your Private Messages.
  2. Heatherbell


    Admin>Configuration>My Store>E-Mail Address Learn more - User Guide, My Store
  3. Heatherbell

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    Maybe we are misunderstanding each other but maybe this will help (see Example 2 near bottom of page which was tested on a clean install as correct): How to Use a Template
  4. Heatherbell

    Cardsave (by Worldpay) Payment Module

    Sorry I have no experience with this add-on but are you getting any error in your error logs which might give a clue. My only other advice is to contact the Phoenix Certified Developer @BrockleyJohn who does have professional experience with payment modules.
  5. Heatherbell

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Change your admin directory to a different secure name - now!
  6. Heatherbell

    Cardsave (by Worldpay) Payment Module

    The module needs recoding, the message indicates to replace all entries similar to " . TABLE_XXX . " with xxx E.g. replace " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " with configuration
  7. Heatherbell

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    As per my previous post - "saved to your selected template" as selected in admin>Configuration>My Store>Template Selection "override" is selected by default in - change it if you want
  8. Heatherbell

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    Any file from the store can be copied, then modified, then saved to your selected template using the same folder structure. If no modified file exists in your selected template, the original will be used. If you are a Supporter, you will have received example templates which show example usage. Yes, this is the only exception to maintaining the folder structure in the selected template - the templates folder is not used.
  9. Heatherbell

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    You will see that the templates folder is not required in templates so in this case the modified tpl_ file would be saved to /templates/gustavo/includes/modules/notifications/ The modified language file in this case would be saved to /templates/gustavo/includes/languages/yourLanguage/modules/notifications/
  10. Heatherbell

    UK VAT settings

    Fortunately we have a good accountant that makes sense of it for us. MTD software (we use Sage) also makes VAT returns a breeze compared to how it used to be.
  11. Heatherbell

    UK VAT settings

    No more complicated than VAT! 🙄
  12. Heatherbell

    UK VAT settings

    No, unless the packaging is considered "elaborate" e.g. a food hamper, gift box or gift wrapping or constitutes more than 20% of the product value. Basic packaging (e.g. bubble wrap and cardboard box) for the delivery of Zero Rated products is Zero Rated. We sell foodstuffs and have previously verified this with HMRC.
  13. Heatherbell

    UK VAT settings

    That is correct as I previously posted - you don't pay any VAT to claim back but have to charge it - that's the way it is.
  14. Heatherbell

    UK VAT settings

    I am sure It is correct:
  15. Heatherbell

    UK VAT settings

    Remember to apply Tax Class to your shipping mods. Even though Royal Mail standard postage is VAT Exempt to purchase (although Signed For is Standard Rate), VAT must be applied to all P&P charges except when applied to orders consisting only of Zero Rate or Exempt products.