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    Just noticed that the checkbox has an id="TermsAgree" in parameters so found a solution that works but I am not a coder so maybe not the best one: In includes/modules/matc.php near bottom of page before closing </style> add: #TermsAgree {height: 30px; width:30px}
  2. Heatherbell


    @Jack_mcs How can I make the check box bigger?
  3. Heatherbell

    version with php7.2

    @Dan Cole Again, pardon my naivety, I didn't know how to help. Our family business relies on Oscommerce and the core of good people here - our thanks to them. We have just purchased his 28 days 2018 and 28 days 2019 and encourage others to do the same. In themselves worth every penny and more - we can unreservedly recommend them to anybody and burt for his kind, patient and professional support - they also work flawlessly (unlike the (deliberately?) badly coded modules recently flooding the forum by one member which help nobody - I smell a rat - let others beware).
  4. Heatherbell

    version with php7.2

    @burt Sincerely hope my comment was not taken as criticism, far from it - sorry if it is naive - just reaching out and genuinely wanted to know how I can add support or help.
  5. Heatherbell

    version with php7.2

    @burt Is there any support we can add? How can we help?
  6. @Hotclutch Thank you for your time and patience and sorry for my ignorance here. To put this into context - we had a customer alerting us to the fact that the add to cart button did not work on a mobile phone (nightmare scenario as it has been like this since we installed Frozen 3 weeks ago). The visual gap is there as previously stated and as you have observed but the upper margin (invisible) partially covers the button (see screenshot image I previously posted shown by clicking Chrome inspect element and hovering over the div). I have now found a temporary fix elsewhere by adding x-index:100 style to the button so it is clickable but the divs still overlap like the screenshot (you can visually see this with the first line of product description (which is in a div) overlapping the product image above it) - https://cornishhoney.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=92_30&products_id=524
  7. @Hotclutch I have further noticed that every div overlaps the one above in mobile view - what is this issue?
  8. @Hotclutch Sorry I spoke too soon - it has only fixed visually but the div still overlaps the button as shown in the image which causes problems pressing the button on screen
  9. @Hotclutch Thanks so much for the time and help you have given - that worked - yay!
  10. @JcMagpie So this shows with you but not on our Chrome inspector - nothing commented out in our file - just checked. This has nothing to do with our question so not sure why you have posted.
  11. @Hotclutch https://cornishhoney.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=30
  12. @Hotclutch Yes I've done Ctrl f5 too.
  13. @Hotclutch Thank you for your reply. Tried that but no change - the div still overlaps the button as shown in the image posted above.
  14. @Hotclutch Thank you for your reply - tried that and no matter how many times I hit Ctrl Shift R to refresh, nothing changes.
  15. @JcMagpie I am happy to take sound advice and help but yours has proven not to be.