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  1. I think my confusion starts here... Initially, I wanted to install Theme Switcher, and have done that(tho' I'm not seeing it as something functional in the admin); and have subsequently upgraded jquery (as this is a fresh install of osc{2.3.1} from my server's Fantastico). jQuery upgrade to 1.7.2 and UI to 1.8.20 - not sure if this is compatible or not. I found that those 2 important files of jQuery were still needed by the admin of osc (Else they "cut off" some of the admin menu) and so had to leave both copies of those files - jquery-1.4.2.min.js & jquery-1.4.2.min.js - there... And now I still don't have the new jQuery working (*excuse the mentioning of this problem here tho' it is related). Bun NOW this thread starts to talk about Theme Roller! I realize this is a function in jQuery but am confused as to why we are suddenly talking about that. Is it that this Theme Roller is now the module that we will use to switch the themes?? What of Theme Switcher?? Is this still required? Do they work in unison to get the job done? Thank you for any clarification on this. :) ~Doug